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Lithium-ion battery is expected to become the protagonist

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-23 11:41:41

In the rise of energy in the Internet, due to the large number of access to renewable energy and distributed energy in large power network, combined with the popularization and application of micro grid and electric vehicles, energy storage has become a crucial part of the coordination of these applications. But the energy Internet system is huge and complex, the battery business in technology and products on how to correctly docking energy storage industry needs?


Lead acid battery has very big development space


According to insiders, the ideal storage form of the best with large capacity storage, fast filling, high reliability and low cost, the solar power battery presents long life, high energy density, high power density and low cost requirements for battery.

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For the traditional lead-acid battery business, the product has the advantages of mature technology, low price advantage, and lead-acid battery energy storage system as a standby power supply has been used for many years in the power plant and substation, has played an extremely important role in maintaining power system security and reliable operation, stability.


Industry experts believe that lead-acid batteries rely on its mature technology and low cost, in the field of energy storage has a strong competitive. But compared to the other two batteries, there are the following disadvantages:

(1) low energy density.


Lead acid battery energy density is only 40-50Wh/kg.

(2) shorter cycle life.


The cycle life of ordinary lead-acid battery is only about 1000 times, which is equivalent to improve the battery Chuneng single week cost, resulting in higher costs.


(3) the working temperature is narrow.


Over a certain temperature can easily lead to a decline in the performance of the battery, and even burst into flames.


(4) heavy environmental pollution.


Therefore, the industry experts generally recommend that the lead acid battery to improve the energy density, prolong life, reduce environmental pollution and other direction of development.


Recently, amd group through the bubble shaped graphite instead of a part of the lead material, with improved structure, greatly improving the specific energy of lead-acid batteries, lead-acid batteries are showing the development space in the improving of technology and market application greatly.


Lithium-ion battery is the most promising to become the protagonist

 24v 70ah

In recent years, the application of Li ion battery in power grid energy storage is also obtained. In 2011, MITSUBISHI developed the container (1MW) large capacity lithium battery energy storage system. China, Shenzhen Byd Co developed the lifepo4 batteries energy storage technology of 200kW * 4H and 1MW * Bess cabinet storage demonstration station based on 4h.


As everyone knows, lithium ion battery with high energy density, high discharge voltage, battery low self discharge rate and long cycle life, high charge discharge efficiency, wide working temperature range and many other advantages, the industry generally believe that the lithium ion battery the most promising energy storage system of the protagonist of the internet.

But experts have warned that lithium-ion batteries still need to solve the following problems:


(1) safety.


Due to the use of liquid organic electrolyte, lithium ion battery is easy to over charge and other abuse conditions or due to internal defects caused by internal short circuit, fire or even explosion.


(2) cycle stability.


The positive and negative pole of lithium batteries, especially graphite anode in lithium ion from the block, will have a certain degree of volume expansion or contraction, may cause the battery inside the film rupture, causing the capacity decay, affect the battery life.


(3) consistency problem.


Li ion battery capacity is small, the size of the storage battery can be a series of parallel connection, so the consistency of the single cell is very important.


(4) cost.


At present, from raw material costs to processing production costs are relatively high, the need to further reduce the cost of the battery.


The author believes that both the lead-acid batteries or lithium ion batteries are likely to become the main application of the next energy Internet storage system two batteries. However, no matter which kind of battery should be implemented in the solar backup generator system of the Internet, it is needed to meet the requirements of all aspects, especially the technical and economic requirements. Want in the storage battery industry Nuggets enterprise need to strengthen the key materials (such as electrode materials, electrolyte and separator, etc.) on basis of cell structure theory, the performance of CF storage system needs to improve the battery and reduce the cost of key materials, it may be possible in a new round of competition won first prize.

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