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Lithium battery still play a leading role in energy storage market

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-21 16:32:26

"In the past three years, lithium battery solar power generator system costs rapidly decreased by 50%, second and 50% in the next 3 years seems to have at your fingertips. With the rapid decline in energy storage costs, the rapid growth of electric vehicles and energy storage projects can be expected, the rapid development of energy storage industry is expected to become the basis for power transformation and energy change." April 11th, the energy storage industry technology alliance chairman Yu Zhenhua in the latest release of the 2016 energy storage industry research white paper (hereinafter referred to as: white paper) in this way.


Has been criticized by the industry elite equipment - energy storage, this year to a new attitude appears in front of the industry.


Lithium technology plays the leading role

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The white paper pointed out that China's energy market from technology distribution, in the operation of the project, the application of energy storage technology in lithium ion batteries, lead-acid batteries and flow batteries, lithium ion batteries and the cumulative installed capacity accounted for the largest, accounting for the total installed China market 2/3. Yu Zhenhua told this reporter, said: "the development of power batteries led to the decline in the cost of energy storage." It is understood that the domestic manufacturers to carry out energy storage projects especially solar backup generator are mainly concentrated in lithium-ion batteries, lead-acid batteries and battery technology manufacturers. As of the end of 2015, China's energy storage project installed capacity of the top ten manufacturers, the largest number of lithium-ion battery manufacturers, there are 6. Among them, BYD, silver long new energy companies are not only domestic energy storage equipment manufacturers, but also the lithium battery manufacturers, is a pure electric vehicle manufacturers.


Continue to broaden the industrial chain, so that earlier in the upstream battery material layout of the battery manufacturing enterprises from the growth of pure electric vehicle market is divided into the bonus. Insiders told this reporter: "the higher degree of marketization of the automotive industry to the survival and development of the reservoir to provide the soil. To achieve the progress of energy storage technology, the cost of the decline, the need for a huge investment in R & D funds. In the price policy is still uncertain environment, the energy storage enterprises only rely on the automotive market, to achieve the core competitiveness of the battery to improve the study." In the electric car market, more and more people choose to use lifepo4 batteries, the energy storage enterprises once again submitted a beautiful report card. Recently, the China Automobile Industry Association released data show that in April China's new energy vehicles production 31266, sales of 31722, an increase of 178.3% and 190.6%, respectively. Among them, the pure electric vehicle sales were completed 23918 and 23908, an increase of 227.9% and 243.8%, respectively.


From 2020 only 4 years, the 5 million new energy vehicles quantity for battery production from shaking big, it will also bring a breakthrough in battery technology provides the possibility of. From the point of view of the distribution of energy storage technology, lithium ion battery technology mature, high energy, good stability, the price is more moderate, with a high proportion of installed capacity, fast growth, through the hair, transmission, distribution and use of the various links." Silver long car Research Institute Li Haijun, vice president at the meeting said.

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