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Lithium battery recycling and reuse

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-22 17:05:03

Lithium battery recycling and reuse, the battery manufacturers should shoulder greater responsibility. Although the battery manufacturers are now busy with the expansion of production capacity, but also should pay attention to the problem of recycling, to study the decomposition of lithium battery recycling methods. As the technology is not in place, the current use of the entire new energy battery business chain has not been improved, the whole industry closed loop does not form. Now the lead-acid battery repair place can be recycled, garbage sorting places can also be recycled, why? It is because it is easy to produce lead-acid recovery of commercial value with a screwdriver to pry out the waste batteries, acid, the most valuable lead out to make money reselling.


Why lithium battery recycling does not come up? Related professionals believe that the lithium battery recycling process is too complex, such as lifepo4 batteries, from the waste lithium battery in the direct recovery of cathode materials, anode materials, electrolyte, separator and other high value-added intermediate goods business is very difficult. In addition, different manufacturers of lithium battery materials and formulations are not the same, to complete the recovery is not easy. The lithium battery by the battery manufacturers recycling scrap is justified, Tesla's lithium battery scrap recycling their own a set of solutions, not involving high-energy smelting, can achieve more than 70% material recycling, only some residual carbon dioxide, water and dust, without any other pollutants. This approach is worth learning from.

battery recycle

After electric vehicle, the lithium battery solar power generator application and recycling, there are many difficulties, we can think of a way in the application of lithium battery electric vehicle pre storage, the lithium battery electric vehicle storage can be used later to advance to the preliminary application. With the use of graphene technology to achieve fast charge and have a higher cycle life of the lithium battery, we should be more fully the potential of the lithium battery storage can be found out. Although in accordance with the requirements of a certain standard, the lithium battery capacity than the nominal capacity of 80% low is not in the car, but the experiments show that the lithium battery from the nominal volume dropped to 80%, if the number of cycles can reach 1000, and decreased to 60% of nominal capacity from the nominal capacity of 80%, the number of cycles will be to achieve even more than 1000 times.


So it is feasible to prolong the use time of the scrap standard, which can improve the efficiency of the use of electric vehicles. Of course, there are some lithium batteries after a nominal capacity of less than 80%, the cycle life will suddenly drop, the cycle life is possible, which requires manufacturers of lithium batteries should be indicated in the instructions for use on the battery capacity decreases from the nominal value to 60% when, to provide basis for the application of lithium battery echelon.


Electric car manufacturers should clearly extend the corresponding warranty policy, support consumers to extend the use of their own electric cars, do not meet the requirements of the lithium battery energy storage to do energy storage power station is not the echelon application, if necessary, the bus was dismantled as a lithium battery to some small storage applications, but also can considering the. Now a charge continued driving mileage of more than 300 kilometers of electric vehicles, battery capacity is small, but also can be used in short distance. For consumers, scrapped is not worth the money, the owner should have the right to use and dispose of, we should support and understand this.

 battery reuse

The electric car is a mobile storage power station, with the establishment of two-way power grid and energy transformation of the Internet, the mobile station can store electricity from the grid on the road for their own exercise outside, also can put their stored power when needed to supply electric power to users and network. This electric vehicle as many distributed storage power station in power grid configuration, different kinds of electric vehicles charging and power supply, the power supply can reduce the peak of the safe operation of power grid, will play an important role.


Do this for car owners, scrapped due to lower electric vehicle lithium battery, extended electric vehicle lithium battery energy storage using time, can get some benefits, can reduce the costs of electric vehicles. This charging pile will become an important equipment of electric vehicles connected to the grid and energy of the internet, perhaps in all parking place, reservation and installation charge pile, to meet and promote electric vehicles used in our country, better play the electric vehicle lithium battery solar backup generator station, to ensure network safety. In the local electric car subsidies canceled and state subsidies fall under the environment, it is more environmentally friendly, more economical and more reasonable use of the electric car is worth us to do.

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