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Lithium battery module and Battery PACK

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-18 10:59:01

At present, due to the requirements of the various car manufacturers on the market, almost no one module and the production process is the same, which also automated production line put forward more requirements. The battery compatibility and consistency is important to produce these LiFePO4 batteries.

 battery pack

Good automated production lines in addition to meet the above hardware configuration and process requirements, but also need to focus on compatibility and "line the whole beat." As the module is not fixed, so the incoming batteries, shell, PCB board, connecting piece may change, production line compatibility is particularly important.


For the current power battery industry, the module of the degree of automation requirements are relatively high, but also because of the complexity of the process, the working environment requirements, the application of robots and special equipment advantages are obvious.


PACK is the packaging, packaging, assembly means, the process is divided into processing, assembly, packaging, three parts. PACK production lines generally only need to bear two functions: transmission and detection. At present, the manufacturers generally use the semi-automatic PACK assembly line, mainly for PACK on-line, off-line, testing, transmission and packaging within the factory.


Among them, AGV car, power robotic arm, drum line, boom and so are simple and effective tool. Due to flexible lines and other work can not do without manual assistance, so the semi-automatic PACK is the mainstream manufacturers of the current configuration, especially to produce LiFePO4 battery pack.


With the rapid development of industry, more and more customers require PACK and module MES system integration in order to better management and fast queries, which for the system integrator is not a small challenge.
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