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Lithium battery internal micro-short circuit simulation test method

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-06 10:46:40

In view of the internal micro-short-circuit safety of lithium batteries, a serious threat to international and domestic lithium battery safety standards for the design of a number of corresponding short-circuit analog test projects. Because the lithium battery usually used in solar powered portable generator, so the safety is important. The simulation of the test methods are flat extrusion, cylindrical extrusion, acupuncture, heavy impact, metal landfill, etc., in which the metal landfill method is in Japan, lithium-ion batteries in the notebook computer after spontaneous combustion The birth of a new method, is currently mainly used for secondary batteries.

Lithium battery internal micro-short circuit simulation test method

Japan's JIS standard and the United States NASA standard uses a metal landfill method, the tiny metal sheet pre-placed inside the single-cell battery through the diaphragm, the lithium battery in the case of internal short-circuit safety, very direct. However, this method itself has a great danger, it is best to use the robot operation.

Heavy impact is a simulation of internal short-circuit test method, usually in the battery placed above a metal rod, and then use heavy objects hit the metal rod, resulting in battery shell deformation internal short-circuit. As with the extrusion method, the method also has an imbalance problem, that is, the thin shell of the battery negative, but in fact the thin shell of the battery in the event of internal short-circuit but will be safe.

Shooting test is to place the battery at a distance of more than 25m position, and then shot the gun causing internal short circuit. This method is GJB 2374 created, in addition to China's military standards, other general standards do not have this item.

Needle test is inserted in the battery of a metal needle, a direct result of the battery inside the positive and negative contact short circuit, too intense, not a good simulation of the internal small short circuit, because the battery is often not the end of this intense internal A short circuit, if present, is already found in the manufacturing process. The acupuncture test method was adopted by the American UL1642 standard of 1995 edition, but this test method was deleted in the subsequent UL 1642 edition. The UL 2580 is being developed, may use a more moderate blunt acupuncture to simulate the internal micro-short circuit, this test is more close to the micro-short circuit of the real situation.

Extrusion test is commonly used to simulate the internal micro-short circuit method, the vast majority of battery safety standards have this method, but the extrusion method is very different, mainly flat extrusion and cylindrical extrusion method, etc., the latest IEC 62660-2: 2010 on the extrusion test method, can be seen as a comprehensive absorption of the flat-plate extrusion, cylindrical extrusion, acupuncture, heavy impact, the advantages of landfill design of a metal Method.

In the process of revising GJB 2374A, taking into account the fact that some of the batteries in the prior art can not be extruded using the flat plate extrusion method, and the standard method of the microcircuit is unclear by the cylindrical extrusion method, the plate extrusion method And cylindrical extrusion a variety of options, according to the actual battery to determine the situation, which the battery voltage mutation as a sign of micro-short circuit phenomenon, which is basically reasonable, this is good for battery to be used in portable solar power generator.

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