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Lithium battery equipment automation level directly determines the performance of battery

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-19 11:46:25

Lithium-ion battery refers to the lithium-lithium compound cathode material for the secondary battery, in the charge-discharge process, the lithium-ion between the two electrodes from the embedded and embedded, commonly known as "rocking chair battery."


Lithium-ion battery charge and discharge performance, high energy density, high voltage, no memory effect, outstanding advantages in the field of secondary battery market share rapidly, in addition to consumer electronics products widely used in the battery, it is now New energy vehicles power battery, solar power portable generator etc mainstream line.


Lithium-ion battery manufacturing process can be divided into electrode production, cell assembly, activation detection and battery assembly four major processes. Among them, the electrode production and positive electrode and negative film production, the main components including ingredients, mixing, coating, rolling, cutting and ear and other steps.

 Lithium battery equipment automation

As the electrode sheet directly determines the overall performance of the battery, so the electrode is the key to lithium-ion battery manufacturing process.


Lithium-ion battery manufacturing equipment refers to the lithium-ion battery production line required by the various types of machinery and equipment, referred to as "lithium equipment." In addition to the materials used in the battery itself, the manufacturing process and production equipment is an important factor in determining the performance of the battery.


With the surge in demand for power batteries, lithium equipment market usher in a new round of high growth, and because of the continuous improvement of battery performance requirements, lithium battery manufacturing equipment is also experiencing a technological revolution, toward a high automation direction.


In accordance with the production process of lithium-ion battery such as lifepo4 batteries, lithium equipment can be divided into front-end equipment, midrange equipment and back-end equipment. Front-end equipment mainly refers to the electrode production process required in the vacuum mixer, coating machine, roller press and slitter and so on.


Coating process requires the slurry evenly coated on the metal, the thickness of accurate to 3μm below the cut to ensure the need to ensure there is no burr on the slice surface, otherwise it will have a great impact on the subsequent process.


Therefore, the front-end equipment is the core of the battery manufacturing equipment, related to the quality of the entire production line. In the end of the equipment mainly cover the core assembly process, including the winding machine or laminator, the core into the shell machine, injection machine and sealing equipment such as welding, back-end equipment mainly covers the activation of the core into the sub-capacity testing and assembly Into a battery pack and other processes. Relatively speaking, in the back-end equipment such as shell, sealing, testing and other machines is relatively simple, low technical requirements.


From the perspective of the cost of lithium batteries, battery parts, the lowest cost of raw materials elasticity, accounting for 50% of the total cost of the current batteries, while the remaining 50% includes sales expenses, financial expenses, equipment depreciation, due to the current domestic The size of the power battery is still low, resulting in high amortization costs, batteries and batteries with the cost increases.


Since last year, the domestic power battery factory have plans to expand production, through the use of high-end automated lithium battery production equipment to achieve economies of scale, the lithium batteries also can be used in portable solar power generator, but also this is driving the development of domestic lithium equipment industry, the core power.

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