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Lithium battery diaphragm investment is particularly prosperous

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-07 11:46:59

Since the beginning of this year lithium battery diaphragm investment is particularly prosperous, mergers and acquisitions, expansion drama scene then staged. Victory Precision just disclosed semi-annual report shows that the acquisition of lithium battery separator company in the first half net profit rose 327.7%, and Cangzhou Pearl's 185.39% increase in the formation of "double-Bi Jing Yan."

From the industrial chain, starting from the second half of 2015, China's new energy vehicle production and sales of a large explosion, making the power of lithium-ion battery production accounted for the vast majority of the proportion of production value, which is particularly suitable for lithium battery separator lithium. The battery products to bring a huge market opportunity. The LiFePo4 battery pack require lithium battery separator too. The capital rush, it seems also based on such a basis: the diaphragm is the four key components of lithium in the localization rate is the lowest technical barriers to the highest lithium materials, lithium battery costs accounted for between 10% to 20%.

M & A investment continues

The market inadvertently found that with this year's listed companies on the lithium battery business investment in mergers and acquisitions, the top ten domestic lithium battery separator manufacturers in the majority of A-share bonds.

According to the Asia-based consulting statistics in 2015 China's lithium battery separator market share data, in 2015 the total consumption of China's lithium battery separator is about 910 million square meters. Among them, the proportion of domestically produced diaphragm has reached 69%; production ranked the top ten domestic lithium battery separator enterprises accounted for 58% of the total market share. In the top ten companies in the market share, Fosugufen science and technology subsidiaries accounted for 7% Jinhui Hi-Tech; Cangzhou Pearl 5%; Yun Tianhua subsidiary Chongqing Numi Technology (listed on the new board) accounted for 5%; Victory Precision Suzhou Jie Force accounted for 3%; Yi Teng new energy accounted for 7%; Star source material accounted for 7%.

In January 2016, Guoxuan Hi-Tech Joint Star Material jointly established Hefei star source of new energy materials Co., Ltd. At the same time, solar powered portable generator also ask for new energy. with a total investment of 3 billion, the new six high-performance lithium-ion battery separator production line, 12 multi-function ceramic coating Diaphragm production lines and five polymer coating production lines, to build in east China's largest power lithium battery separator production base. As a result, the size of the domestic market, the top ten star material into the A-shares "circle."

A few days later, Dell announced plans to invest 90 million yuan transferee Yi Teng 7.5% stake in new energy, and after the completion of the transaction to its own capital of 100 million yuan to Yiteng new energy to increase, the final total holding Yi Teng New Energy 14.62% stake in hand the size of the top ten markets Yi Teng new energy.

Cangzhou Pearl in January to catch up in the same expansion. January 26, Cangzhou Pearl announced the investment of 592 million yuan to build three wet lithium diaphragm production line, put into production after the new 105 million square meters of wet lithium battery separator production capacity.

lithium batteries seperator

Into February, Sinoma science and technology has just announced that the front foot to build an independent industrial development platform, a joint venture to set up "Sinoma lithium film Co., Ltd." building "200 million square meters of lithium film production line construction project." The next day, Victory Precision on the interactive platform for investor relations, Suzhou, Czech Republic, this year will add four wet production lines, is expected to add annual capacity of up to 150 million square meters.

Subsequently, in May, Shuangjie Electric and Tianjin Dong Gao Membrane Technology Co., Ltd. signed a capital increase agreement; June, Shuangjie Electric again on the Tianjin Dong Gao film company to hold 31% stake in Tianjin Dong Gao film company first Large shareholder. The latest case is occurred in the August 10, Changyuan Group announced that the proposed 100 million yuan capital increase production of lithium batteries with wet diaphragm Hunan New Materials Co., Ltd. lithium.

Industry estimates, in 2016 the total consumption of lithium batteries in China is about 1.096 billion square meters. According to the Advisory Sub-statistics, the end of 2016 China's lithium battery separator total capacity will reach 2.116 billion square meters, is expected to market competition will become fierce.

Looking into the semi - annual report

At present, the victory of precision, Sinoma science and technology, science and technology have been disclosed Fosu semi-annual report, Cangzhou Pearl released the performance of Express.

From the data, the victory of precision and Cangzhou Pearl's performance is very gratifying. Shengli Precision first half of 2016 operating income of 7.214 billion yuan, an increase of 403.52%; net profit of 411 million yuan, an increase of 327.7%. Among them, the company in November 2015 to complete the acquisition of 51% stake in the lithium battery separator manufacturer in Suzhou Jie Li New Energy Materials Co., Ltd., operating income of 120 million yuan during the period, net profit of 33.0761 million yuan.

Semi-annual report shows that the production of lithium batteries are high-margin products. Segment from the product market, the lithium battery separator operating income of 117 million yuan, gross margin 51.36%, second only to the company's intelligent manufacturing solutions and equipment manufacturing 65.16%. Victory precision in the semi-annual report also revealed that the current high-end wet lithium battery separator in short supply. The Company's new wet film production line with an annual production capacity of not less than 70 million square meters has entered the commissioning period according to plan in the report period, and the construction of the new production line has been active.

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