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Lithium battery demand for a sharp increase in global

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-21 13:48:06

Lithium is the core material of rechargeable batteries for mobile phones, laptops, electric cars, solar power generator known as "white gold." An ordinary battery is composed of an anode material, a cathode material, an electrolytic cell, and a separation membrane. Among them, the anode material is made of lithium oxide, that is, lithium-ion battery, lithium-ion battery energy density, long life cycle.


In recent years, lithium has been used for electric vehicle batteries. A smart phone needs 5 ~ 7g lithium, an electric car will need 40 ~ 80 kg lithium. With the electric car and mobile IT products continue to market, the demand for lithium batteries is also a sharp increase, which led to the core material prices of lithium, so the global companies are struggling to ensure that lithium material reserves. In the US investment bank Goldman Sachs recently released a report, will be described as a new oil lithium.


According to South Korea's LG Institute of economic statistics, the current lithium demand is mainly concentrated in the mobile battery and glass, lubricants and other markets, the proportion of 85%, electric vehicles and ESS energy reserve system market share of 15%. However, it is expected that the lithium demand for electric vehicles and ESS will increase to 60% by 2025. As demand continues to grow, only in 2015 lithium prices soared more than 3 times the price with the supply and demand changes, from the past 7,000 US dollars per ton have a greater growth.


In order to ensure that the electric car market dominance, Toyota, Tesla and BYD and other global auto companies have joined the battle for lithium resources into the war. At present, Toyota is actively investing in the battery and lithium mining business, through the Toyota Tsusho Corporation, 2011 with the Australian mining company Orocrore jointly promote the Argentine Salar de Olaroz project development, Olaroz mine completed in 2015, annual capacity of 17,500 tons , The future can be exploited for 25 years. And lifepo4 battery pack also need the lithium resource.


Tesla, the leading electric vehicle market, signed a lithium supply agreement with North American mining companies in August 2015, and the Sonora project started production with an annual capacity of about 50,000 tons. In September 2015, Pure Energy Minerals signed a long-term lithium supply agreement. It is worth mentioning that, Tesla in 2014, trying to invest 325 million US dollars for the lithium mining technology start-up fund, but in the end due to immature conditions.


June this year, BYD and Qinghai Salt Lake Industrial and Shenzhen Hongda with the establishment of joint venture companies to jointly develop salt lake lithium resources. BYD holds 48% of the shares, and enjoy preferential procurement of lithium carbonate, and plans to establish an annual production capacity of 10GWh battery factory, through the lithium supply and battery production integration to improve cost competitiveness. The mine is planned to be mined from 2017, with a maximum production of 40,000 tonnes. An average of an electric vehicle needs 40 ~ 80kg lithium, an annual production of 100 million electric vehicles.


South Korea's secondary battery manufacturing technology in the world's leading, but also all rely on lithium imports. In order to ensure adequate supply of raw materials, has been in Bolivia Uyuni salt marsh area to carry out the development of lithium resources.


LG Chemical Company in order to seize the European electric vehicle market in Poland set up an electric vehicle battery factory, the investment amount is only 400 billion won; in order to improve the competitiveness of battery materials, in September this year, the company acquired the GS Em anode materials business.


GS Em's anode materials business mainly produces anode materials and precursors for the battery. The lithium batteries can be used in solar powered portable generator. Through this acquisition, LG Chemical will enhance the technology of anode material manufacturing and improve the technical strength of the precursor. By developing high-density second-generation Battery, is expected to significantly enhance the driving distance of electric vehicl

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