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Lithium Titanate Battery Is The Focus Of Electric Vehicle

Author: Source: Datetime: 2017-01-05 14:02:07
2016 is the technical quality of electric vehicles to enhance the years, the development of electric vehicle industry is characterized by technical quality improvement, policy structure adjustment, industrial rational growth. And as one of the core components of electric vehicles in the lifepo4 battery pack, this year also caused widespread concern in the industry, of which the discussion on lithium titanate batteries is particularly enthusiastic.

Lithium titanate battery is a kind of lithium titanate cathode can be used with lithium manganese oxide, ternary material or lithium iron phosphate cathode materials such as 2.4V or 1.9V lithium-ion secondary battery, remove the international Toshiba and Japan The United States micro-macro, the earliest domestic lithium titanate battery business is not much, of which the new energy technology background of the most prominent, and in 2009 in the bus on a large scale use.
Lithium Titanate Battery Is The Focus Of Electric Vehicle-1
China Electric Vehicle 100 will be executive vice president of Ouyang Ming Gao in China Electric Vehicle 100 will be the annual forum press conference, said from a technical point of view, lithium titanate battery does exist high power, long life, fast charge and discharge And many other features, this is no doubt. It is reported that lithium titanate batteries can achieve 6 minutes fast charge and discharge, the number of cycles up to 3 million or more, which is significantly better than the economy and the use of lithium batteries on the market. Lithium titanate batteries in safety performance, charge and discharge and cycle life, and other significant advantages, directed at other types of batteries on the market today, the pain point. It is for this reason, lithium titanate batteries in the bus or bus more use of its fast charge of the advantages to the layout of the commercial vehicle market.

At the same time, Ouyang Minggao also said that from the current competition in the new energy vehicle market point of view, ternary lithium batteries, LFP battery and long-term touted the Japanese hydrogen fuel power technology, energy density is placed in front of lithium titanate batteries The obstacles that must be crossed. However, once the solution to the energy density problem, lithium titanate batteries in the passenger car market or have sufficient advantages.
Lithium Titanate Battery Is The Focus Of Electric Vehicle
At present, as engaged in research and development of lithium titanate lithium titanate enterprises to increase the intensity of research and development, some technical problems will also be successively breakthrough. Ouyang Minggao said that, in addition to foreign Toshiba, micro-macro and some other main research enterprises of lithium titanate batteries, domestic, silver-long lithium titanate battery on the advantage is still prominent enough.

Today, the fourth generation of lithium titanate batteries produced by Silver Long, 40% lower than the cost of the third generation, energy density increased by 60%. And Wei Yincang December 15 of the China-made Summit also solemnly said that through the lithium titanate battery and fuel cell combination of the two, Silver Dragon new energy successfully developed hydrogen titanium powertrain successfully resolved the new energy vehicles mileage of the problem.

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