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Lithium Low Speed Electric Vehicle -The Last Straw

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-24 09:32:36
low speed evWho will be the last straw speed electric vehicles it? The answer is: Lithium  low speed electric vehicles. Recently, high-speed electric vehicles cheat up a storm so I can not help but sigh, in the high-speed electric vehicle issues outstanding cases, almost no one had to pay attention to the low-speed electric vehicles lithium battery development and progress.

Lithium speed electric vehicles with traditional lead-acid batteries have low-speed electric vehicles very different, the main difference is the largest power battery, lifePo4 batteries electric vehicles is the use of low-speed national recognition and support of new production technology and automobile parts, which are mainly battery three yuan lithium battery, lithium iron phosphate, lithium manganese batteries of these three.

Above all kinds of batteries have advantages and disadvantages, roughly summarized as follows:

Three yuan lithium battery: advantages: high energy density, high tap density. Disadvantages: poor heat resistance, poor life.

Lithium iron phosphate battery: Advantages: long life, large charge-discharge rate, good security, high-temperature resistance, sound elements, and low cost. Disadvantages: low energy density, low tap density (bulk density).

Lithium manganese battery: Advantages: high tap density and low cost. Disadvantages: poor heat resistance, after a sharp rise in long-term use of lithium manganese oxide temperature, battery life is severely attenuated (such as the Nissan electric car LEAF). (Note: The lithium cobalt oxide is generally used in 3C products, security is poor, not suitable for battery power).

Now our country's high-speed new energy vehicles are often three yuan lithium battery and lithium iron phosphate-based. Because after support at the national level, and now most of the lithium battery manufacturers already have a lithium battery core production technology, safety, reliability, and sustainability have been greatly improved.

State and local governments to support the development and application of generous high-speed electric vehicles, the effect is self-evident. But the low-speed electric car lithium is a blank, where the author of popular science about the market prospects and low-speed electric vehicles use lithium.

Now the electric car on the market is divided into two high-speed and low-speed, high-speed electric vehicle sales price to 35,000 to hundreds of thousands have (after subsidized prices), but now the low-speed electric vehicles sales price only 10000-4 million and is the biggest sales of about 2W low-speed electric vehicles, low-speed electric vehicles now price war has hit a fever pitch, manufacturers and dealers are crying sales. (Low-speed electric vehicles have reached the edge of the cliff comrades to pay attention to ah)

But you think about it, you can use high-speed electric car lithium battery-powered, other than portable solar power generator? why? Speed electric vehicles do not use lithium battery? I think the following reasons: high manufacturing cost, high purchase cost of lithium batteries, lithium low-speed electric vehicle market gaps, lithium battery electric vehicle production technical requirements are too high, there is no low-speed electric car manufacturing plant can meet the requirements.

If we can seize the opportunity of the development of lithium-speed electric vehicles, then anyone can speed electric vehicles industry leaders at least five years, think about it, and now the national annual sales of all kinds of high-speed and low-speed electric vehicles at least 150 million or more If a business can speed electric vehicles lithium manufacturing costs under control, and the success of the low-speed electric vehicle lithium produced sale, you can replace at least 80% of lead-acid batteries low-speed electric vehicles.

A lithium-speed electric vehicles out, and who will buy and sell lead-acid batteries low-speed electric vehicles, lithium who eat low-speed electric vehicle market in the first piece of cake, let us wait and see.
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