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Lithium-Ion Battery Pack Prices Declining

Author: Source: Datetime: 2017-12-04 12:47:52
Lithium-ion battery pack prices have been declining. The average price of a lithium-ion battery pack is now $ 209 / kilowatt-hour.survey indicating that the price has dropped below $ 100 / kWh 2025.

BNF analyst James Frith said 100 US dollars / kWh is widely seen as a turning point, will lead to greater use of electric vehicles.
The survey results from more than 50 companies show the price estimates. The increase in the number of manufactured batteries has led to economies of scale. As the orders for electric vehicles will be greatly reduced, the order volume of electric vehicles will increase substantially.

Masaki Sakuyama, president and chief executive of Mitsubishi Electric, also predicts that the price of lifepo4 battery pack for electric cars will be cheaper. He said it will make electric cars more competitive with fossil fuel-powered vehicles.

Market observers say the more stringent fuel efficiency requirements make gasoline-powered vehicles more expensive. Some countries not only set tighter fuel efficiency standards but also plan to phase out fossil fuel vehicles.

Most of the cost of electric cars in the battery. Sakuyama said: "The price of batteries is going down very fast now, so in the near future, the cost of electric vehicles will be with traditional cars."
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