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Lithium Equipment Industry to Accelerate the Differentiation

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-20 11:54:03

2016-2018 lithium battery equipment market demand an average annual growth of 34%. 2016-2018, lithium equipment industry is still in the rising cycle, the lithium battery can be used in solar powered portable generator, the downstream power lithium battery rapid growth is the main driving force of the current equipment cycle is expected to power lithium equipment market size of 8.8 billion, respectively, 119 billion, 13.9 billion, lithium equipment industry in the future 3 years of market demand growth were 51%, 32%, 19%.


Tier battery companies will expand market share and continued expansion, the battery industry as a whole will greatly enhance the manufacturing level. 2016 by the end of lithium battery industry supply and demand balance for the competitive landscape changes possible, but the changes in policy and downstream demand structure is the decisive factor in the evolution of competitive landscape direction: policy to promote market share to the front-line enterprise concentration, first-line enterprises continued expansion of production capacity ; Electric passenger cars and logistics vehicles, high-speed growth, ternary technology line will become the dominant, while out of concern about the quality of the product, the battery business will greatly enhance the manufacturing level.


Lithium equipment industry include lifepo4 batteries to accelerate differentiation, the next three years, leading the economy continued. Lithium equipment is "non-standardized" products, customer viscosity, the core competitiveness of enterprises reflected in the technical level and quality of downstream customers, the battery industry competition pattern will have a profound impact on the equipment industry: the future of leading equipment enterprises and first-line battery business The formation of a stable industrial chain alliance in the first-tier battery companies to expand capacity-driven, the equipment market demand for leading enterprises continued prosperity, and small and medium equipment companies demand will slump, some will be shuffled out; , The market share will quickly focus on the leading enterprises, the future strong Hengqiang.

Lithium-ion equipment business to win the two strategies: integration and high-end specialization.


At present the domestic power battery production line automation level is low, less than 60% of first-line enterprises, less than 30% of the second and third line enterprises, to enhance the level of battery manufacturing short board to BYD, the power of God as the representative of the enterprise is leading the industry to fully automated production , The entire line of integrated equipment business came into being. At present, the localization rate of domestic high-end lithium battery is only 45% -50%, and the import substitution space is vast. The lithium batteries can be for portable solar power generator market.


A small number of domestic equipment enterprises are based on the strategy of "specialization and precision". The business is positioned in the high-end equipment market. In recent years, the technological innovation has been strengthened. , with significant price advantage and service advantages, and gradually changed the first-tier enterprises rely on imported equipment, some products have a large number of alternative imports, and enter the international market, the next few years will accelerate the pace of import substitution, 2020 high-end equipment localization Rate is expected to reach 75%.

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