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Lithium Energy Storage System Accounts for the Mainstream of Chemical Energy Storage Market

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-07 14:04:45

At present, the domestic companies to carry out energy storage projects focused on lithium-ion batteries, lead-acid batteries and flow battery technology. By the end of 2015, China's energy storage projects installed capacity of the top ten manufacturers, the largest number of lithium-ion battery manufacturers, 6, lead-acid battery manufacturers and 2 manufacturers of the battery.


The latest report shows that in the next 10 years, lithium-ion battery will become the mainstream of battery energy storage technology. Of course, it include LiFePo4 battery pack. Light weight, compact size, large storage capacity is the main reason for the widespread use of lithium-ion batteries. In addition, compared with lead-acid batteries and sodium-sulfur batteries, lithium-ion batteries can use non-aqueous electrolyte. The use of non-aqueous electrolyte can make the battery thinner, smaller, higher energy density.

Lithium-Ion Battery Energy Storage 

Although the high cost of lithium-ion battery industry is facing the biggest challenge, but many companies have been working to improve the cost-effective lithium-ion battery. Depends on the field of new energy vehicles and power in the lithium battery industry chain of continuous optimization, lithium battery costs are declining.


Recently, the Ministry of Science and Technology released the news that the national 863 program advanced energy technology projects "high-performance chemical energy storage battery and demonstration power plant key technology research" made significant progress in the "new super capacitor", "long-life lithium manganese oxide reservoir Lithium-ion battery "," new lithium-sulfur chemical energy storage battery "and" low-cost lithium titanate lithium-ion battery storage "and other aspects have made significant technological breakthroughs.


These energy storage battery technology to a certain extent to meet the renewable energy and smart grid large-scale energy storage needs, but also for China's energy storage battery materials - battery - integrated - demonstration industry chain provides a more complete technical support system, The earth to promote the development of China's energy storage industry.


With the continuous increase of renewable energy penetration, energy storage demand is increasingly urgent, it is also good for portable solar power generator. Energy storage as a new energy construction of the "last mile", the state has gradually through administrative means to support energy storage applications. In addition, with the deepening of electricity reform, many new business models need to rely on energy storage devices to achieve, in the new energy vehicles and infrastructure construction, driven by rapid decline in the cost of the battery will also boost energy efficiency.

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