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Lithium Boost Technologies Smart Lithium Battery

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-18 17:20:35
Lithium BatteriesLithium boost technologies company, based on its patented technology power low-speed electric vehicles (LSEVs) system to monitor and balance the lifepo4 batteries, a leading provider, today announced the production of integrated battery golf cart solve successfully installed Bora programs and GEM ( global Electric Motorcars LLC, the Polaris industries Inc. (NYSE acquisition: PII) after driving for a long time and test their LSVs, customers report enhanced performance, including the doubling of the range, expressed satisfaction with the continuous improvement of innovation from lithium the solution, which they now recommend to other users.

"I completed the installation January 30, 2016 lithium John Wade acceleration technology, the company provides excellent customer support throughout the installation process. I need to cost more than 25-30 miles GEM gel batteries provide more between distance my lithium boost system provides more than twice the gel battery GEM my travel distance, the lithium batteries for solar systems.

Travel up to 38 miles of charging for 4 hours or less. This is less than half as long as the GEM gel battery charging time for the 2025-mile trip. In the summer, Florida warmer temperatures did not seem to have any significant impact from the travel or the charging time right. I am satisfied with my performance lithium boost system. "Villages, Florida, who E2 low-speed vehicle with his gem dealer Jovovich Bender wrote in his 2014 gem install coordination lithium boost 72V 180AH system.

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