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Lithium Bicycle Vs Lead-Acid Battery Electric Vehicle

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-03 11:25:44
E bikeOver the years, has been high hopes for lithium bicycles, but has not done in the domestic market, where in addition to a strong rival lead-acid battery electric vehicle factors, this and Lithium Bicycle their own problems can not get away. As we all know, last year the industry accounted for lithium car production and sales of electric vehicles accounted for 10% of the total, that is 3 million. According to the survey, which 3 million of the lithium car, not simply refers to the lithium bike, but the lithium folding scooter, lithium balance car,lifePo4 batteries, including all the statistics included. This shows that last year, including lithium, including bicycle sales in the domestic sales probably less than 1.5 million.

So, this year's sales of lithium bike how the situation? The author of some enterprises to interview, which has been engaged in foreign trade list of lithium bicycle manufacturers, this year's sales are basically the same as last year, but prices fell slightly, on the contrary, the domestic online shopping business is not very good, very competitive, The store business is more difficult. Entity store business is more difficult with the universality? The author of some of the stores to visit the dealer, come to the constraints of lithium bike is not good sales of the three main reasons:

First, the same ride the same mileage, lithium bicycle prices higher than the price of lead-acid battery charter electric cars more than 600 yuan, lithium bike in addition to light weight, the rest no advantage at all. If there are less than 600 yuan price lithium bike or style does not look good, or in specific details of the problem, so that consumers are not satisfied.

Second, the maintenance time is too long. If the lithium battery bike battery failure, such as riding mileage can not meet the requirements, or charge do not go in, the dealer can only send the battery to the manufacturers. From sending to receive a battery pocket down, as short as a week, long time is half a month. Consumers repair the battery for so long, most are impatient, and business conflicts intensified.

Third, the replacement of the cost of the battery to consumers surprise. One has been operating for more than 10 years of electric car dealer told the author that he is the first lithium battery bike dealer, and some consumers buy a lithium battery used to replace the battery when the store came to the business requirements to replace the battery, a Inquire to replace the price of lithium batteries even more than buy a brand new lead-acid battery electric vehicles more than half, scared no longer replace the lithium battery, and take direct to buy a new lead-acid battery electric vehicle approach.

Restrictions on the sale of lithium bicycles the three major problems, for manufacturers is very clear. In fact, the three major issues is the core of the maintenance time is too long. As manufacturers, the less likely to take free spare lithium battery to the business. If you do so, once the dealer business does not go down the spare lithium battery to the volume away, the manufacturers on the big loss. You know, spare lithium battery to the business, which means that this is a free gift business. A dealer selling a few cars a month, but also standby lithium battery, although the proportion of the number of spare less, but more dealers, companies have to pull out so much lithium battery, no matter how rich and powerful, it will not do so Of the business, not to mention the price of lithium batteries is now playing the more fierce fight, the profit would have been very low. Therefore, to solve the problem of restricting the lithium battery bike sales knot, I am afraid that is not a matter of time can be resolved.
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