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Lithium Battery of Soft Package Market Share Is Rising

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-20 16:12:33

The market share of lithium batteries has been rising since 2015, especially this year, in the context of the overall slowdown in industrial development, the growth of the soft battery as the battery industry has become the world's largest lithium battery market, Industry, a major Aspect.


The data can be the most intuitive to reflect this change, in 2015 the domestic square, cylindrical, soft pack lithium battery production were 17GWh, 10.1GWh, 19.8GWh, accounting for 36.4%, 21.5%, 42.3% Has been more than square and cylindrical. And they can be used in solar powered portable generator.

The trend is more obvious this year, the past three quarters, the new energy vehicle market volatility and other factors, the square, cylindrical battery production chain, there have been varying degrees of decline, and only the soft battery production chain increased, GGII data, The first three quarters of domestic production of soft battery up to 13Gwh, of which Q3 growth of 20%.


For the development of flexible battery market, Zhejiang Securities recently published research report pointed out that the penetration rate of the digital field, the application of new energy vehicles increased, UAV and other areas of high-rate demand growth, energy storage area ready to go and other four factors, will become a soft battery market share driving force rising.


In this regard, GGII gives almost similar to the judge, that the soft battery has a good safety performance, light weight, battery capacity, cycle performance, resistance, design flexibility and other advantages, with the 3C, the new Energy vehicles, UAVs, energy storage such as used in portable solar power generator and other downstream market pull, its market share is expected to exceed 50% within two years.

(1) good safety performance: a small battery electrolyte leakage, and in the event of security risks in the case of flexible battery will be drum gas crack, unlike the hard battery as the internal pressure over the General Assembly will explode;


(2) light weight: soft package battery weight than the same volume of steel shell square battery light 40% lighter than the aluminum case square battery 20%;


(3) battery capacity: soft package to save the volume of 20%, compared with the same size steel battery capacity 50% higher than the aluminum battery 20 to 30% higher;


(4) cycle performance: longer battery life of the flexible package, 100 cycles less than the aluminum shell attenuation 4% to 7%;


(5) internal resistance: soft battery internal resistance than lithium batteries, the smallest domestic can do 35mΩ the following, greatly reducing the battery self-consumption;


(6) flexible design: According to customer needs custom shape, you can do thinner, ordinary aluminum can only be done 4mm, soft package can be 0.5mm, and it can be use in solar power generator.

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