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Lithium Battery Standard Could Learn From America

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-18 17:18:21
batteryZhangsi Guang that the development of the domestic lithium power industry standards significantly later than other countries, the introduction of a standard is always the domestic development of the industry began to develop to a certain stage before, and foreign is not the case. He American small lifepo4 batteries, for example, in the United States decades ago have developed such a small lifepo4 batteries, and almost at the same time introduced the corresponding industry standards, and domestic relevant standards enacted in recent years only introduced. Similar situation also exists in electric vehicles, fuel cell and other industries. He believes this is the largest gaps in terms of domestic and international industry standards.

Since the lithium industry like lifepo4 48v is accompanied with new energy automotive industry into the commercialization process, so you need to put safety first and technologies, which further highlights the importance of standards development. In this regard, Zhangsi Guang said that domestic enterprises in the relevant standard-setting, can learn some mature experience of developed countries. But also through different platforms, organizations, from various angles, research and development, commercialization, standardization discuss lithium industry should pay attention to the problem, and jointly promote the development and implementation of domestic lithium industry related standards.
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