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Lithium Battery Market 111.5 Billion Yuan In 2016

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-22 10:31:48
lithium batteriesExperienced "cheat" episode of the new energy automotive market, although the growth rate in recent months compared with last year has slowed down, but does not prevent the pace of its move forward. The automobile industry energy saving is imperative, the industry generally optimistic about China's new energy vehicles in the future development of space.

CCID Consulting Wu Hui, director of new energy recently told reporters that the fourth quarter is expected to new energy vehicle sales in the third quarter will be twice this year, new energy sales of at least 50 million, optimistic, then will reach 55-60 Million. Wu Hui, the second quarter of 2016, the battery shipments 6.4Gwh, a decline of 26.4%, in addition to the April release of the Ministry of Industry standard battery factor, and the government subsidies for new energy vehicles are also uncertain about the delay, some New energy companies to reduce car orders, solar power batteries business shipments are affected. The market is generally expected to appear explosive growth in the second half, in order to avoid the second half of the battery in short supply, some battery companies in the second quarter has done some battery inventory.

Wu Hui pointed out that the battery and materials will maintain an average annual rate of decline of 5-10%, do not rule out the decline in the low-end market prices faster, the decline in its grid is more conducive to the popularization of new energy vehicles. Car prices are gradually to the battery, battery pack and other industrial chain extension, the industry chain integration trend is obvious. Not only BYD, Beiqi, Geely and other enterprises have begun to choose their own batteries and battery packs. The next five years, new energy vehicles mainly from the growth of special vehicles and passenger cars.

Since 2016, the domestic new energy passenger car models will increase rapidly. It is predicted that in 2016 the size of the lithium battery market 111.5 billion yuan, power lithium battery demand 60.5 billion yuan, an increase of 65.8% in 2020, new energy vehicle production capacity will reach 5.8 million.

At present, the number of new energy vehicles in China nearly 200 manufacturers. In view of the future development prospects, not only more and more independent car enterprises and joint ventures to speed up the layout of new energy vehicles, a number of Internet companies and parts companies have also entered the list of repairer. As the music to speed up the process of cross-border construction of electric vehicles, music as the founder of Jia Yue Ting recently announced that music as the car has completed 1.08 billion financing. Weimar has also received the first round of $ 1 billion in financing, Wei Ma founder Shen Hui Chi in 2018 launched the first electric car.

Shanshangufen industry shares from the apparel industry cross-border to the field of lifepo4 battery pack, the car will also be able to join the craze. As the first batch of new energy vehicles into the field of Shanshangufen is a bigger chess, the lead investment of 500 million yuan has been established Spruce wisdom New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "spruce wisdom"), into the new Energy vehicles and charging infrastructure integrated operations, and in the next few years will continue to additional investment. At present, Shanshangufen has become the world's largest integrated supplier of lithium battery materials, into the Mercedes-Benz, Tesla, Panasonic and other companies supply chain. About the future strategic layout, vice president of Shanshangufen, spruce wisdom President Xu Zhengpeng recently interviewed by the First Financial reporter, spruce wisdom is mainly focused on new energy vehicles after the market and charging infrastructure integrated operations, 2016 The goal is to operate in the country 3,500 new energy vehicles and 10,000 standard charging pile, has been put into electric commuter cars, electric passenger cars and nearly 2000 and 3000 charge pile operation, through the co-piling market strategy, spruce Wisdom of the integrated business is close to break even. However, Xu Zhengpeng also talked about the new energy automotive industry chain is very long, there are many links in the middle is still very weak, whether it is charging pile operation or new energy vehicle rental and other sectors, it is indeed difficult to expand at this stage, but the spruce wisdom to Do is to overcome the industry difficulties and pain points, early "hard bone" to bite down.
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