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Lithium Battery Life

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-20 18:22:59

Give a simple example, China Zhangbei scenery storage and transportation demonstration station, which installed the energy storage battery, for example use in solar power generator, including the well-known domestic lithium battery manufacturers, after 4-5 years of operation, which has almost battery A crop of the. That is to say, ordinary lithium battery life is still not well meet the energy storage applications. This lithium battery used in an electric vehicle, requiring 5-8 years does not replace the battery is almost impossible.


The world's lithium production mainly in Asia, in Asia is the three pillars of the situation - Japan, Korea, China. China and Japan and South Korea, the technical gap is mainly in the automation and battery chemistry solid research. Previously, the production of mobile phone lithium battery manufacturers in China can not be compared with Japan and South Korea, of which the gap is mainly in the battery production automation. The consistency of the products produced by automated batteries is often superior to that of manual or so-called "critical process location automation" products. Product consistency is good, relative security is relatively high.

Now with the rise of the power battery market, the consistency of the product made higher than the requirements of small batteries. This is the upgrading of China's lifepo4 battery pack business is a driving force, but also a chance. The Chinese government's strong support for electric vehicles and energy storage is a big plus. China lithium enterprises must seize this opportunity. In China to do power battery, abundant funds, so the automation of lithium production possible.


This is in the affirmative. Lithium production needs automation, and is fully automated than semi-automatic. For example, in the semi-automatic production line battery handling process, the battery may accidentally fall to the ground, causing the surface can not see the internal injuries, the performance of the battery will cause irreversible damage. Lithium production process, people are the most variable factor, but the automatic machine in the normal operation of the case is basically the same. So only the lithium battery to do the automation to maximize the consistency of the product.


In the automated production process, light is not necessarily advanced equipment will be able to make a good battery products. Such as imported from Japan, a full set of equipment, but can not make the same quality and the Japanese battery, you must have a know how to use automation equipment engineering and technical team.


In addition, the management concept of the company's top management must be changed. Now the cost of automated production is still very high. It can efficiently make qualified products, can also be made efficiently defective defective. And our solar powered portable generator also use this kind of batteries.


At present, domestic manufacturers can do fully automated production or unmanned workshop business is not much. Many large enterprises in China, the Group invested a lot of money on the automated production lines, investment is not a problem, the question is whether they know how to build, run, maintain automated production lines and other technical and management personnel and a complete corporate system.

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