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Lithium Battery Key Material Market Conditions

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-26 11:47:28

Capital markets have announced investment in lithium battery industry project planning


Statistics show that the first half of 2016 lithium battery industry chain investment has more than 116 billion yuan, mainly concentrated in the lithium mergers and acquisitions and production capacity expansion. The lithium batteries is gradually use in solar powered portable generator now. According to statistics, the first half of this year, the lithium industry, a total of 40 cases of mergers and acquisitions of capital, materials, 12, 4 from the field of equipment, 10 battery segments, 14 new energy vehicles. According to incomplete statistics, as of August, the lithium battery industry fixed asset investment project planning is close to 98 billion, preliminary estimates, the new power lithium battery capacity of about 177Gwh.


With the new lithium battery production capacity will lead to investment in equipment and related materials


From the lithium battery industry chain point of view, including lithium raw materials, cathode materials, anode materials, electrolytes, membranes and production equipment. With the new lithium battery production capacity to build, will drive the industry market demand.


Ternary cathode material is still a large gap in the future


Due to the prominent advantages of ternary batteries in the passenger cars and special vehicles on the assembly of more and more emphasis on safety performance of the passenger car is still mainly LiFePO4 batteries, in accordance with the "energy-saving and new energy automotive industry development plan ", By 2020, the power battery module than the energy reached 300Wh / kg or more, ternary battery is the most potential to achieve the required technical route. 15-year data show that ternary battery configuration in the passenger car accounted for 58.48%, in the special vehicle power allocation accounted for 59.14%. From 2015 power lithium battery production composition, the proportion of LiFePO4 battery up to 69%. According to forecasts, although by 2018, ternary battery production will go ahead than iron system, to 36.50Gwh, still difficult to meet the downstream demand. Therefore, since last year, the core battery companies began to expand production of ternary lithium batteries, caused by the ternary material gap increases.


The anode material will continue to be the main carbon material will fully benefit from the release of lithium battery capacity


Thanks to the rapid growth of the power battery market, lithium anode material production increased significantly, according to statistics in 2015 China's total output of lithium negative electrode material of about 72,800 tons, an increase of 42.7%.


According to the current consumption structure of the types of materials, the current natural graphite and artificial graphite market share as high as 90%. With the new lithium battery production capacity to gradually put into operation, if all of the production, in accordance with the current share of the proportion of negative materials, the future is expected to add 66,900 tons per year of artificial graphite anode material and 113,100 tons of natural graphite anode material market capacity.


Electrolyte demand will surge and its profitability will remain


From the electrolyte consumption indicators, per watt power battery electrolyte consumption (1.4 to 1.8 grams) is higher than the consumer battery (1.1 grams or so), so with the power battery in the lithium battery market, the proportion of the increase, Electrolyte growth faster than the growth of lithium battery capacity.


At present, the national production capacity of about 117,000 tons, if the 15-year lithium battery production in accordance with 48.60Gwh calculation, combined with export business, the basic balance between supply and demand. The lithium material is important part to combine into lithium batteries, and it usually through LiFePO4 battery pack with smart BMS to use in storage systems.


With the new energy passenger cars and special vehicle production and sales increase in the future demand for electrolytes will continue to show strong trend. If the new production capacity of lithium batteries all the production, the electrolyte demand will add 287,000 tons, when the electrolyte production capacity will have a larger gap. In the downstream market support, will continue to maintain a high level of gross margin.

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