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Lithium Battery Help the Rapid Development of New Energy Vehicles

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-26 15:27:31

Lithium is the core material of rechargeable batteries for mobile phones, laptops, electric cars, known as "white gold", and will be core material of solar powered portable generator. The world battery industry is blowing a strong wave, is expected by 2020, China's new lithium-ion battery will achieve industrialization, power battery will achieve intelligent manufacturing, the product cost-effective has been greatly enhanced.

 lithium battery

Market demand is broad and growing


The world battery market can be said to be "in Japan and South Korea tripartite confrontation," in 2015 in the field of electric vehicle batteries in the first place is Japan's Nissan and NEC joint venture AESC, accounting for 23.5% of the world market. Followed by LG Chemical (16.6%), BYD, Panasonic, Samsung SDI. In the field of small batteries installed in smart phones and other devices, Samsung SDI's share of 25%, ranking first, LG Chemical accounted for 16%, ranking second, followed by Panasonic-ATL (China) - Sony .


Data show that the current lithium demand is mainly concentrated in the mobile battery and glass, lubricants and other markets, the proportion of 85%, electric vehicles and ESS energy reserve system market share of 15%. And it based on lifepo4 battery pack with smart BMS way to use in solar power generator. However, it is expected that the lithium demand for electric vehicles and ESS will increase to 60% by 2025. As demand continues to grow, only in 2015 lithium prices soared more than 3 times the price with the supply and demand changes, from the past 7,000 US dollars per ton have a greater growth.


"Twelfth Five-Year" period, China's lithium-ion battery than the energy to 160 watts / kg or more, the cost is less than 3 yuan / Watt-hour. According to "Made in China 2025", by 2020, China's lithium-ion battery than the energy will reach 300 watts / kg.

Lithium batteries to help the rapid development of new energy vehicles


As a new energy vehicles widely used in power batteries, lithium battery technology to a large extent affected the development of new energy automotive industry. June this year, BYD and Qinghai Salt Lake Industrial and Shenzhen Hongda with the establishment of joint venture companies to jointly develop salt lake lithium resources. BYD holds 48% of the shares, and enjoy preferential procurement of lithium carbonate, and plans to establish an annual production capacity of 10GWh battery factory, through the lithium supply and battery production integration to improve cost competitiveness. The battery could be used in portable solar power generator.


LG Chemical Company in order to seize the European electric vehicle market in Poland set up an electric vehicle battery factory, the amount of investment is only 400 billion won; in order to improve the competitiveness of battery materials, in September this year, the acquisition of GS Em's anode materials business.


Today, the lithium battery industry is not only in the outlet, and not to follow the trend of the outlet, innovation and technical requirements are high, not the so-called pig can fly the outlet. The future, to improve the level of China's smart battery manufacturing, improve the verification test methods and standard system is the development of China's power lithium battery key task.

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