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Lithium Battery Equipment Prices are Uneven

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-19 11:52:15

Different aspects of the precision and automation equipment to determine the level of price differences to produce lifepo4 batteries. In general, the front-end electrode production process is the initial processing of raw materials, processing results will directly affect the pros and cons of electrode performance, so the accuracy and automation requirements of the highest, the corresponding price is the highest.


For example, the mixer in addition to the need to mix the slurry, but also to ensure that there is no air bubbles mixed, and the coating machine need to control the thickness of slurry coating to 3μm below the process conditions on the accuracy of the equipment itself made very high Requirements.

 Lithium Battery Equipment Prices are Uneven

From the win and technology disclosure of product prices, the core part of the coating machine, the highest price machine, the average price in 2014 were 73.56 million and 49.22 million, while the winding machine and the relatively low price of the machine, respectively, 233,200 yuan and 21.39 million yuan.


Other auxiliary equipment such as oven, roll slot machine and pre-charge cabinet and so little impact on battery performance, relative to the accuracy requirements and the price is the lowest.


It is noteworthy that, lithium equipment is generally "" non-standardized "" production, the manufacturer according to the downstream needs of individual customers to produce different equipment, and equipment prices will be different, different processes are not the same equipment used to volume Winding.


For example, square battery and cylindrical battery winding machine vary widely, and these lithium batteries can be used in solar powered portable generator. The industry generally used cost-plus pricing, to ensure that the lithium-ion equipment manufacturer's gross margin.


International market, the current domestic equipment prices much lower than foreign equipment, on the one hand the domestic human and manufacturing costs more affordable, more important is the current level of domestic equipment automation is still low, high-end equipment performance gap compared to Japan and South Korea very obvious.

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