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Lithium Battery Equipment Industry Market Space

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-19 11:57:05

Lithium-ion battery manufacturing equipment is mainly used for lithium-ion battery production, lithium-ion battery demand growth is driving the growth of lithium equipment industry, the fundamental driving force.


At present, lithium-ion batteries are mainly used in consumer electronics, new energy vehicles and energy storage such as solar power generator three major areas. In 2014 the global lithium-ion battery market size of 24.9 billion US dollars, equivalent to the total capacity of 53.6GWh, of which consumer lithium-ion battery accounted for 67%, down 7 percentage points, power-type lithium accounted for 19%, an increase of 6 percentage points Type (energy storage & industrial type) accounted for 14%, an increase of 1 percentage point.

 Lithium Battery Equipment Industry Market Space

With the rise of new energy vehicles and renewable energy power generation, power lithium batteries and energy storage lithium battery will account for the future to further enhance the new energy vehicles and energy storage system battery capacity requirements are much larger than the small lithium battery, lithium The proportion of ion batteries will continue to increase with the development of the industry.


According to information, in 2014 China's lithium equipment market include lifepo4 batteries size of 3.8 billion, an increase of 31% in 2015 is expected to reach 7.5 billion yuan, to achieve double growth. Mainly affected by the following factors:


(1) a new round of battery expansion tide: in 2014 China's new energy vehicle sales 74,000, is expected this year is expected to exceed 200,000 in 2020 will reach 1 million, the industry will maintain a 6-year average growth rate of 10 times;


(2) product transformation, replacement of equipment: 2014 aluminum, cylindrical market growth is limited, especially in the field of aluminum, so many traditional aluminum case manufacturers transition soft package. As the soft package production line with the cylindrical, aluminum production line there are some differences, so need to update the equipment;


(3) production line improvements, equipment replacement: To save labor costs and improve product consistency, and now fully automated equipment is gradually accepted, before the semi-automatic and manual equipment has been replaced out, the proportion of automatic equipment is getting higher and higher .


According to research institutions on the global lithium battery power consumption forecast, by 2020, the world's small lithium, new energy vehicles and industrial energy storage combined with the total electricity consumption will reach 245GWh, more than four times in 2013, The compound growth rate will reach 24%. The average annual compound growth rate of power battery and energy storage battery, it can be used in solar powered portable generator is 44.4% and 49.8% respectively.


Power lithium will be pulling the current round of lithium equipment, the main force of the cycle. From the device point of view, the small lithium market is currently leading the scale, but small lithium equipment is difficult to use for power lithium manufacturing, precision and consistency requirements for significant differences, which also led to focus on the battery business more inclined to redesign and the introduction of new Equipment rather than the simple use of existing small lithium devices.

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