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Lithium Battery Automated Production

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-19 14:10:01

① the improvement of automated production capacity


At present, China's lithium battery automated production equipment and foreign advanced equipment in the automated production capacity is still a gap. In the continuous improvement of demand, fully automated lithium battery production equipment will ensure that the lithium battery has a good consistency, so as to ensure the lithium battery with high security. Its better for customers application devices, for example use it in solar powered portable generator.


In the lithium-ion battery and other high-capacity batteries, the formation of batteries in which the battery cell group consistency requirements are high, the downstream customers of the production equipment to enhance the level of automation needs; lithium battery production equipment in the production of batteries, will focus on improving the efficiency of equipment and automation, in particular, to improve the alignment of batteries, ear position accuracy and battery consistency; in the assembly of equipment, the need to improve the safety inspection management system and assembly consistency, enhance assembly Equipment, automated production capacity.

 Lithium Battery Automated Production

② lithium battery production equipment integration


The development process of the enterprises within the industry is mainly reflected in two development modes: a class of enterprises choose the direction of professional development, focus on R & D and production of a class of products, concentrate on doing fine, establish a good brand image; another company in a single product , The rapid implementation of the brand with the relevant diversification strategy, the development of other automated production equipment. With the lithium battery production to improve the automation requirements, to create an integrated production line will become the future direction of development.

③ lithium-ion battery production equipment will become the focus of development of the industry


Lithium-ion battery in the future development of lithium industry will occupy a larger market share, which will promote the lithium-ion battery power automation equipment into a new period of development. Power battery like lifepo4 battery pack is one of the core components of new energy vehicles, accounting for 40-60% of the cost of new energy vehicles, high cost of new energy vehicles is a major factor. In recent years, the global boom in the development of new energy vehicles, especially in the domestic market, the explosive growth of new energy vehicles has made lithium-ion battery lithium batteries to become the fastest growing part.


As the lithium-ion battery on the security of the higher requirements, lithium-ion battery automated production equipment in the stability and accuracy requirements are also higher, lithium-ion battery industrial processes and production lines to become the industry's R & D difficulties and design Focus, the industry needs to strengthen cooperation with downstream customers, keeping up with customer demand, the product to make the appropriate adjustments.

④ domestic equipment imported equipment to replace the effect is more and more obvious


The foreign equipment research and development start early, the equipment precision is high, the automation degree is high, the performance is superior, but it has the big limitation in the battery type transformation aspect, the flexibility is low, the equipment suitable scope is narrow, and the domestic many kinds of battery production methods match.


Domestic equipment for China's battery production process characteristics and R & D and manufacturing, adaptability, cost-effective advantages. And now more and more people take portable solar power generator to use the lithium battery. Lithium battery production equipment industry is a non-standard equipment industry, the performance of equipment needs to be based on changes in customer production processes continue to improve, the domestic manufacturers to fully meet customer demand for production technology, fast response, equipment failure can occur Timely communication and processing, to minimize customer losses.


At the same time, domestic lithium battery production technology to enhance the level of automation equipment will further reduce the quality of imported products in the production of the gap, the cost advantage of domestic equipment and the substitution effect of imported equipment will be more obvious.

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