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Lithium Batteries Consistent

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-19 17:20:39

Consumer batteries, because the electricity needs of the device is relatively small, single cell power output can meet the basic requirements, it is rarely necessary to use a few batteries together. Single cell power is small, encounter a high power output of the use of occasions, such as electric vehicles and energy storage, etc., requires a lot of batteries in series and parallel, to combine with battery pack such as LiFePO4 battery pack, get a relatively high output voltage / output power / output current / output power .

As shown in Fig. 1 and Fig. 2, a lot of square cells and cylindrical batteries (18650) are combined into one module, and many modules are combined into a pack as the power source for electric vehicles. The Internet was dismantled over the Tesla model S, 85Kwh battery pack, 7104 produced by Panasonic's cylindrical batteries, each 444 a group in parallel, a total of 16 groups, in series between the composition of the battery pack.

lithium batteries consistence

First of all, Panasonic's small cylinder technology consummate, taking into account the low cost and performance consistency. There is a joke that if the two machines to test the Panasonic battery, out of the curve is not the same, you first suspect that your test should be the problem.


Battery production process complexity, the impact of cell consistency of many factors, from front to back, in addition to the consistency of the material itself, there are such as ingredients / mixing / coating / cold / slitting / winding / injection / chemical Wait.


In order to improve the consistency of battery shipments, battery manufacturers will increase after the formation of sorting process, select those offset larger / self-discharge more serious battery. In order to better use in clients devices, such as solar powered portable generator. If the battery consistency is not good, will seriously affect the battery life, shorten the battery pack life. After many times of charging and discharging, the reversible capacity will be attenuated because the surface SEI film growth / side reaction is increased / the pore of the isolation membrane is clogged and so on, and the capacity decay to 80% of the initial capacity will seriously affect Design of electric vehicles to play.

If the consistency of the batteries in the module is poor, the use of the same current charge and discharge, will cause some of the battery overcharge or over discharge, which will greatly shorten the overall cycle life of the battery, the inconsistency will lead to other single battery pack Body of a domino effect of a chain reaction. Such as the cycle life of about 1,000 batteries, the actual number of cycles in the battery pack is only about 200 times.

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