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Liquid Lithium Battery and Lithium Polymer Battery Difference

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-28 15:56:55

Mobile phone lithium battery we hear more, but this thing is how the classification of it? (Hereinafter referred to as lithium-ion battery lithium) In fact, in the field of electronic products, lithium batteries are common liquid lithium-ion battery and polymer lithium-ion two.


(18650 lifepo4 batteries refers to the battery diameter of 18mm, the length of 65mm, cylindrical type of battery.Although the market is mostly liquid lithium 18650, but any "polymer lithium more than 18650 safety XX" a class of statements are wrong )

 battery 1

What are they different?


First of all need to explain is that the working principle of the two are the same, are through the lithium-ion embedded, de-embedded process to achieve charge and discharge, in which lithium-ion embedded negative electrode charge, lithium ion from the negative electrode deintercalation for the discharge.

Lithium battery contains the cathode, anode and electrolyte (filled in between the two substances) the three most basic elements, of course, there is to prevent the middle of the positive and negative direct contact with the diaphragm (of course, lithium ions can be passed, Good will lead to short-circuit explosion oh )


The liquid lithium-ion battery and polymer lithium-ion battery, the most important difference is:


1. Material differences: polymer lithium battery, the above-mentioned three basic elements at least one of the use of polymer materials, such as electrolyte solution into a polyacrylic acid, polymethacrylic acid, these strange things.


2. Different forms of electrolyte: liquid lithium-ion batteries are mostly liquid organic solvents + conductive salt, while the polymer lithium batteries put these electrolytes replaced by colloid / solid (specific components to see the battery model). The batteries can be used in solar powered portable generator.


Polymer lithium / liquid lithium simple comparison


(Without metal protection shell) Heavy (metal protective case is required) Safety Safety Safe and cost-effective Low cost (no metal protection shell) Heavy-duty (need metal protective shell)


1. Energy density: the greater the energy density, per unit volume can have more capacity. Polymer lithium electricity through the anode (anode), diaphragm and other materials / thickness improvement, energy density is now up to 600Wh / L +.


2. Customizable: Polymer lithium electricity in the shape easier to achieve thin, coupled with no need to use metal protective shell wrapped, it is easier to customize into a variety of shapes.


3. Weight: the form has been noted.


4. Safety: lithium in extreme cases (such as overcharge / high temperature), the internal chemical reaction will occur violently, resulting in a large number of gas, this time because of liquid lithium metal shell of the package, when the internal pressure is quite large shell will (Or plastic shell), as long as the internal pressure is slightly higher will expand or rupture, will not cause an explosion. However, it should be noted that regardless of liquid lithium or polymer lithium battery in extreme cases can occur combustion. The safety is important for users to use battery in portable solar power generator.


5. Cost: In addition to the cost of polymer materials on the lithium polymer lithium higher than liquid, the polymer lithium can be customized to a higher degree, so in the design, manufacturing process will have more costs, such as a variety of customized Fixtures, test equipment, etc., resulting in the cost of lithium polymer than the standard shape / standard liquid lithium higher.

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