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Lincoln Gap Wind Farm With Battery Storage

Author: Source: Datetime: 2017-11-12 16:40:33
The 212MW Lincoln Gap wind project near Port Augusta is to be the third wind farm in South Australia to add battery storage to its operations, with news that it will build an “unsubsidised” 10MW/10MWh fast response battery array.

The announcement came as project developers, the Singapore-based Nexif Energy announced they had secured $150 million in debt finance from the Clean Energy Finance Corporation, paving the way for construction of the first stage of the project, 126MW, to begin later this month.
battery farm
The second stage is likely to come with additional solar power generator battery storage, probably another 20MW/20MWh, although the size and configuration – and whether it focuses on FCAS, or time shifting, or both, will depend on the results of the first stage.

Both companies are hailing the addition of battery storage as signs that the “next” phase of the clean energy transition is well under way.

It follows the Tesla big battery (100MW/129MWh), next to the 315MW Hornsdale wind farm, and the 30MW/8MWh battery to be put next to the 96MW Wattle Point wind farm. 

Lincoln Gap also highlights the massive change occurring at the old industrial centre at the top of the Spencer Gulf.
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