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Lifan Claims Battery Supply Capacity Problem

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-12 13:05:04
lifan"Over the past year, because the battery supplier's capacity problems, a lot of cars are not supporting the lifepo4 battery pack, it was identified as" cheat. "Lifan Vice Chairman, Chief Scientist Chen Wei to NBD car, which is not intended to Lifan , "We want to let you see, we are doing in the new energy industry."

On November 1, Lifan Group's first centralized energy station in Chongqing was put into use. This energy station will provide power-changing service for Lifan's more than 2,000 time-sharing leasing new energy vehicles in Chongqing.

NBD car learned that Lifan-based time-sharing leasing business model has now entered seven cities. Lifan relevant person in charge, this year, Lifan on the promotion of this model will further speed up, and to respond to the heated discussions before the "cheat" problem.

3 days before the first energy station in Lifan put into use, Beiqi announced that 10 sets of power stations completed in Beijing, and plans to expand to 50 by the end of the year, to meet the 6,000 taxi demand for electricity.

In addition, Dongfeng, Kangdi and other enterprises have the power to change the new energy vehicle investment, focus on the taxi, operating vehicles, seems to have become a consensus.

Even so, the manufacturers of the standard is completely inconsistent, from the vehicle to the exchange of equipment can not be universal, which has become a major bottleneck to limit the power transfer model.
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