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LiFePO4 battery is the first choice for large capacity battery energy storage system

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-21 16:44:28

The application of large capacity battery solar power generator system in the power system has been more than 20 years of history, mainly used in the early isolated power grid FM, hot standby, voltage regulation and backup, etc.. The application of battery energy storage system in the new energy grid, a certain research has been carried out in foreign countries.


At the end of last century, Germany in the last century, Germany in the Herne1MW photovoltaic power station and 2MW Bocholt of the wind farms were equipped with a capacity of 1.2MWh battery energy storage system, providing peak shaving, without interruption of power supply and improve the power quality function. From the beginning of 2003, Japan's Hokkaido 30.6MW wind farm installed all vanadium redox flow battery (6MW /6MWh VRB) storage system, used to stabilize the output power fluctuation. August 18, 2014, the national scenery storage and transmission demonstration project 220 thousand volt Smart Substation successfully started.


As the first batch of pilot project of the national Power Grid Corp, the construction of strong smart grid, country scenery storage demonstration engineering is the largest grid connected solar photovoltaic power station, the capacity of domestic onshore wind farms, the world's largest chemical storage the largest power station, intelligent operation level of the most diverse new energy demonstration project is the highest, run the way.


Bess (system) application in the grid are considered "load regulation, with new energy access, compensate for line loss, power compensation, improve power quality, and isolated operation peak" and other major functions of the application. For example: peak, improve power grid operation curve, a popular explanation of Bess is like a tank, the electricity trough surplus water stored, when the peak take out again, thus reducing the waste of electricity; in addition Bess can reduce line loss and increase the service life of the line and equipment.


Since the beginning of 2014, large-scale began to develop energy Internet and energy storage system, this paper mainly introduces the energy storage system.

Off grid energy storage system

Off grid photovoltaic power generation system, also known as an independent photovoltaic power generation system, mainly by the PV components, DC/DC charging controller, off grid inverter and load.

The off grid system is composed of the following parts:


Battery module, photovoltaic charge and discharge controller, solar power battery, off grid inverter, AC / DC load.

 4850 Lifepo4

Photovoltaic charge and discharge controller, the main function is to control the battery charge, discharge, and protect the battery over charge, discharge. Off grid inverter, the role of the grid inverter is to convert the DC power into AC power, and to provide load to the use of the device.


Our common off grid energy storage system is the solar street light. Photovoltaic module, a controller of a cigarette case, a few tens of watts LED lamp, a group or a few groups of batteries. Can provide night lighting.


The system is "home system" off grid energy storage is a little bigger, in 2006, the domestic solar backup generator industry is in its infancy stage, countries in order to solve Qinghai, northwest Tibet herdsmen electricity problem, carried out several "bright project", is one of a hair system a set of photovoltaic "".


(at that time 150Wp polysilicon also buy 20 pieces of a watt) a user with the system about 300W, 2 batteries, a control inverter machine, 12V100AH battery 2-4 block. You can see the LCD cell, LED in the evening light, you can also use some small motor (Tibetan butter, milk stirring machine)

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