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LiFePO4 Battery Cost Will Declines 58% In The Future

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-18 17:16:06
Fweek Lithium Network News US Department of Energy's goal is to make the cost of battery power in 2022 dropped to $ 125 / KWh, that is to say in the next seven years cost 58% lower and lower. At the same time, the density of the battery will reach 400Wh / L in 2022, it could be used in solar powered portable generator. If this goal can be achieved, then the electric car will be completely subsidized and do not rely on traditional fuel powered car to compete in the market.

Now in tabular form to instantly share pictures and small international energy data (smalldata) refractive world trend of energy development, but also by international comparisons and historical anecdotes fully reflect the process of global economic, environmental, energy change.

battery costBattery costs over the past seven years has been reduced 73% over the next six years to 58% lower and lower.

The outbreak of the electric car market thanks to a substantial decline in battery costs. According to the US Department of Energy survey data, the average cost of the battery power has fallen from 2008's $ 1000 / KWh in 2015 to $ 268 / KWh, 7-year decrease of 73%. At the same time, the density of the lifepo4 batteries is also a substantial increase, from 2008 to 60Wh / L rose to 2015 295Wh / L, an increase of 400%.
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