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LiFePO4 Batteries Are The Mainstream

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-24 11:30:40
lifePo4 batteryWith the addition of new energy automobile production capacity continue to release, the annual output is expected to double by 2016. Power lithium battery production capacity will be further release of lithium battery materials demand will continue rapid growth. At present lifePo4 batteries still the mainstream, but to improve the energy density of electric vehicle development direction, ternary lithium battery is the future trend of development.

And batteries from the lithium battery material respects, lithium battery cathode material is the core material. It determines the direction of development of lithium batteries, but also determines the battery's safety performance and the size of the energy density of the positive electrode material in the battery cost in a proportion of 40% or more, it also determines the level of the cost of lithium batteries.

Now the market lithium battery cathode materials include lithium cobalt oxide, lithium manganese oxide, lithium iron phosphate and ternary materials and other products. New energy vehicles used battery, lithium iron phosphate mainstream and ternary materials. BYD lithium iron phosphate represented ternary material Tesla represented. Domestic battery cathode material lithium iron phosphate-based, but lithium iron phosphate low energy density, low temperature performance is poor, resulting in poor endurance new energy vehicles, lithium iron phosphate application has some limitations. Ternary materials having a high energy density, to improve the endurance of new energy vehicles is of great significance, once their safety to be resolved, the ternary material is bound to occupy a cathode material for the mainstream market.

Other materials include a negative electrode material, electrolyte and separator material emerged a number of leadership type or the great potential of the enterprise.
Hualong Securities believes that, from the perspective of the whole industry chain, to focus on the upper reaches of lithium ore resources have Gan Feng Li industry, CITIC Ann West Resources; in the positive electrode material, proposes a focus on market share among the top BYD, China Xuan Tech and Wan the tide of money; anode material aspects, the proposed focus on domestic leader Shanshangufen; electrolyte field, may be concerned about market share in the first three companies new state-chou, Jiangsu Guotai and providential material; wet membrane separator recommendations concern aspects leading Cangzhou Mingzhu .

But also guard against the risk of lithium batteries should be noted that overcapacity and intensified competition within the industry. It is estimated that at current production scale of investment calculation, may soon portable solar power generator industry will be faced with the plight of overcapacity, when lithium equipment manufacturers will inevitably be affected. Similarly, many SMEs lithium equipment industry, competition is more intense, as the industry trend for the better, the equipment manufacturers have in the expansion, there is increased risk of competition in the industry in the future.
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