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Largest Solar Project In California

Author: Source: Datetime: 2018-04-13 12:26:33
Palmers Springs, Calif. - An energy company wants to build another huge solar farm in the California desert - it may be equipped with the world's largest solar power generator battery.

Last year, the size of the battery was three times that of Tesla, which attracted worldwide attention.
Largest Solar Project In California
The Crimson Solar project will span 2,500 acres of public land south of Interstate 10 east of Palm Springs at the foot of Laoshan Mountain.

The current largest battery is 100 MW of battery storage installed in Australia by Ernestsk electric vehicle manufacturer and solar energy supplier Tesla. Megawatt system.

It is not yet clear whether the recurrence will actually create a 350-megawatt battery. It has no electricity purchasers and the federal licensing process will take several years.
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