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Largest Collective Solar Roof Project In Netherlands

Author: Source: Datetime: 2018-12-18 20:16:53
Recently, Nissan has confirmed that it has opened up the largest collective solar roof project in the Netherlands at the Amsterdam plant in the Netherlands.

It is understood that the solar power generator solar roof is installed on the roof of the Nissan Auto Parts Center in the capital of the country. It consists of nearly 9,000 photovoltaic panels, which generate enough renewable electricity every year for 900 households. It will also significantly reduce CO2 emissions from the facility, which is estimated to save 1.17 million kilograms of carbon dioxide per year.
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With the ability to produce nearly 70% of NMPC's annual energy, the installation of this huge solar roof represents an important milestone as Nissan strives to make its operations in Europe more sustainable. In addition, the energy generated by some panels will be directly imported into the country's national grid.

Nissan Energy's Managing Director said, “Nissan is committed to reducing the environmental impact of our facilities across Europe. We are pleased to be able to confirm the opening of solar roofs in the parts center in Amsterdam today. Investment and integration of new energy solutions is Nissan Smart Mobile The cornerstone of this project clearly shows that we not only have to work hard to change the way you drive, but also change your lifestyle."

The project is the result of the first major collaboration between residents and companies, and part of the project is funded through a national crowdfunding program.

The Managing Director of the Nissan Benelux Economic Union stated that “Amsterdam is one of the most forward-looking cities in Europe and we are very happy to help the city make smart use of space, energy and resources to make its operations more sustainable. ."
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