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Large-scale Solar Power System

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-13 10:13:45
Large-scale solar power portable generator system, compared with the two photovoltaic systems, photovoltaic systems still apply to this DC power system, but the solar power system load is large, in order to ensure reliable to provide a stable supply of electricity, which corresponding system larger scale, be equipped with a large solar array solar battery modules and larger lifePo4 batteries, often used in telecommunications, telemetry, monitoring equipment power supply, centralized solar power stations in rural areas, a lighted beacon, lights, and other fields. China in the western region implementation of the "Bright Project" in some areas without electricity, the construction of rural PV power plant is part of this form; China Mobile and China Unicom in remote areas without power grid construction of communications base station also adopted this photovoltaic system powered by.

AC and DC power supply system, and the above-mentioned three solar power photovoltaic system is different, this photovoltaic system can simultaneously provide power to DC and AC load on the system structure more than the three inverter system for direct current into alternating current, in order to meet the needs of AC load. Typically such a system load power M is relatively large, so that this solar power generation is large scale. It has been used in some communication base stations simultaneously having AC and DC load and some other containing AC and DC load PV power plant.
solar power portable generator
On Grid Systems

And on grid systems, the biggest feature of this PV system is the solar modules produce direct current through the network and direct access to the public grid after an inverter into alternating current mains in line with requirements and network systems produced by the PV array in addition to the power supply AC load, the excess electricity back to the grid. In rainy days or at night, the solar battery module does not produce electricity or electrical energy from the mains power supply can not meet the load demand when produced. Because the power input directly to the power grid, eliminating the lifePo4 batteries configuration, eliminating the need for storage battery energy storage and release process that can take full advantage of the PV array issued by the electricity thus reducing energy loss and reduce system cost. However, the system requires a dedicated grid-connected inverter to ensure that the output of electricity to meet the power grid voltage, frequency and other electrical performance requirements. Because the inverter efficiency issues, there will be part of the energy loss. Such solar power portable generator systems typically can be used in parallel solar electricity and solar module array as a local AC power to the load, reduce the load probability of the entire system. And grid-connected photovoltaic systems can play a role in peak shaving to the utility grid. However, grid-connected photovoltaic power supply system as a distributed power generation system, the traditional centralized power grid system will have some adverse effects, such as harmonic pollution, island effects.

Grid hybrid power supply system

With the development of solar photovoltaic industry, there has been comprehensive utilization of solar photovoltaic array, electricity and oil machine spare grid hybrid power supply system. Such systems are usually integrated controller and inverter integration, using a computer chip full control of the whole system, the comprehensive utilization of various energy sources, to achieve the best working condition, and can be equipped with battery use. Further improve the load power supply protection rate of the system, such as the AES SMD inverter system. The solar power generation can provide qualified local load power, and can serve as an online UPS (uninterruptible power supply) work. It can be fed to the grid, but also access to electricity from the grid, it is a bi-directional inverter / controller. System works by electricity and photovoltaic power working in parallel, for local load, the electricity generated by the solar cell module if the load enough to use, it will directly generate demand for solar energy components supplied to the load.
If the power generated by the solar battery module exceeds demand immediate load, but also excess electricity back to the grid; if the energy generated by the solar cell module is not enough, it will automatically enable the mains, electricity supply and demand using local load City; and , when the local load power consumption of less than 60% SMD inverter rated capacity of electricity, the electricity to charge the lifePo4 battery automatically, ensure that the battery is long-term floating state; if the mains failure, the mains failure or mains the quality of power supply failure, the portable solar power generator automatically disconnects the mains, turn into a stand-alone mode, the load required to provide AC power from the battery and the inverter. Once utility power is restored often only, namely to restore the voltage and frequency are within the normal state, the system will disconnect the lifePo4 battery, read and M mode, the mains power supply. Some grid hybrid power systems can also system monitoring, control and data acquisition functions integrated into the control chip.
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