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Laptop Battery Protection and Extended Use of the Method

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-27 11:10:46

When you get a new laptop is in for how to maintain it so that it can accompany you, maintain a lot of computer sub-categories. Today we will learn one of the core notebook: laptop battery. Its lifepo4 battery, now this type of battery can be used in portable solar power generator.


Here we summarize the laptop battery protection and extended use of the method:


1. Read the battery manual before using the computer for maintenance procedures;


2. The first charge, the battery charge to 12 hours, and the cycle to fully charge, about 3 times after charging and discharging can wake up the new battery;


3. If you do not use the computer for a long time and often linked external power supply, it is best to remove the battery. When we use the computer with an external power supply does not remove the battery will not only affect the battery life, but also increase the cooling burden of the computer to reduce the life of the computer;


4. Regularly charge and discharge the battery of the computer. Even if there is no memory effect of lithium-ion battery there is a certain inertia effect, a long time will not use lithium-ion deactivation, the need to reactivate. Suggested time is (3 weeks or longer) do not use the computer or find the battery charge and discharge time is short, should be fully discharged after the battery charge, usually at least a month to complete charge and discharge at least once. Now the lithium batteries could be used in solar powered portable generator.


5. Charge the best turn off the computer so that the battery can be fully charged, try to avoid unplug the power in the middle of the charge. While the shutdown charge time than the boot charging 30% reduction, but also extend the battery life.


6. To better protect the battery to prevent sun exposure, to prevent moisture, to prevent chemical liquid erosion, to avoid contact with the metal battery contacts and other short-circuit occurs.


Knowledgelithium battery charge and discharge times are generally not more than 800 times, like lifepo4 batteries, each charge a battery to shorten the life of a. It is recommended that you try to use the computer's external power supply, if the use of multi-way plug-in power and the built-in battery is not pulled out, make the battery life is great.

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