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LG Chem To Be Samsung Smart Phone Battery Supplier

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-12-19 13:10:47
Note7 cell phone explosion to Samsung Electronics suffered heavy losses, although the final investigation of mobile phone test report has not yet announced, but Samsung seems to identify the smart phone battery is a problem. Recently, according to "Chosun Ilbo" reported that Samsung Electronics is working with LG Chemical negotiations, intends to be classified as smart phone battery supplier.

Samsung Electronics is the world's largest smartphone maker, the company's Galaxy Note7 phone before the encounter "fried machine door", and then the lifepo4 battery mainly from Samsung SDI and China Amperex Technology procurement.
LG Chem To Be Samsung Smart Phone Battery Supplier
"Chosun Ilbo," quoted industry executives as saying that Samsung Electronics and LG Chem reached 90% of the probability of transactions, the two sides are expected to begin trading from the second half of next year.

Samsung Electronics spokesman has not yet comment, LG Chemical spokesman declined to comment.

Samsung announced in early September this year, recalled 2.5 million Note7 mobile phones, and that the reasons for failure from the Samsung SDI battery. But in the use of Amperex Technology Battery Note7 also occurred after the explosion, the company made this phone to stop production, the decision to stop selling.

 Analysts said LG Chem currently supplies cell phone batteries for LG Electronics and Apple.
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