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Jolywood Supplies Photovoltaic Modules For Dutch Solar Power Plants

Author: Source: Datetime: 2018-09-23 14:46:21
Jolywood, the developer of N-type double-sided solar cells, and Zonnepark Rilland BV of the Netherlands signed a module supply agreement to launch a renewable energy project in Rotterdam. It is understood that the project will be developed by Unisun Energy.

As part of the supply agreement, Jolywood will supply 40,000 premium double-glazed double-sided photovoltaic solar modules for the project. This is the first time Jolywood has worked with a project developer to help stimulate the company into the European market.
Zonnepark Rilland BV is a 11.84 MW solar power batteries park developed by Unisun Energy and developed in collaboration with local landowners. This is the first such project to be developed by Unisun Energy in the Netherlands and its maintenance will be carried out by Uper International BV.

Chairman Jolywood said, “There is a mature solar market in Europe, which is expected to grow substantially. Unisun Energy has the experience of working with top customers and is able to effectively promote our value-added technology. We look forward to creating more environmentally friendly customers across Europe. Lifestyle."
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