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Japan's weak demand for solar energy industry

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-15 11:51:48

Japan's solar market is expected to show a declining trend, and in July this year by the Chinese market rolled up the global components of the decline in value of the Japanese solar power generator plant operation even worse. Panasonic, Kyocera were published in the second quarter of fiscal year 2016 (2016 July to September) earnings, solar energy industry is due to weak market conditions and the trend of decline. Japanese research unit also pointed out that this year's bankruptcy of Japan's solar energy company may be the most in 16 years.


Dachang revenue is weak


Kyocera's solar business was part of the Applied Ceramic Products Group, which reported a 14.9% decline in revenue to 45.56 billion yen in the second quarter of fiscal 2016, a 14.4% year-over-year decline, Showing that the market recession situation.


Kyocera said that the global price of solar components continued to decline, and Japan cut down the fixed buy-price (feed-intariffs, FiT) cut, but also to sluggish demand, resulting in revenue decline results. But Kyocera expects stronger demand in the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2016.


On the other hand, Panasonic's Energy Solutions Division (ECO Solution Division) is responsible for solar energy related business, the second quarter of fiscal 2016 revenues of 7259 billion yen, down 5%, quarter by 4%. However, the sector's profit shrank dramatically by 40% to ¥ 20.9 billion from ¥ 33.5 billion in the second quarter of fiscal 2015, a 49% decline from the first quarter of 2016.


Panasonic attributed the operational decline in the energy efficiency program sector to lower demand for solar generator in Japan and the diving of component prices. Panasonic also lowered its fiscal year-end results for the year because of its poor financial performance.


Bankruptcy companies by 10%, the industry entered the phase-out period


Between January and September this year, 42 solar-related companies in Japan were declared bankrupt, up 10.5 percent from a year earlier, according to Tokyo Shoko Research, a research report released on Oct. 31. If this reasoning, this year the Japanese bankruptcy of solar-related companies may come to 54, is the highest since 2000.


During the same period, the total liabilities of Japanese solar-related companies came to about 18.52 billion yen, more than 10.9% over the same period last year, and has approached the debt-high point in 2015 - 21.35 billion yen. Tokyo Commercial and Industrial Research pointed out that the number of bankrupt companies is likely to increase this year, the relevant debt break through the 2015 record is not impossible.


Among the various debt levels, the largest increase in liabilities was from JPY 10-50 million, up from 10 in the same period last year to 13, which means that the size of the company has been impacted. Tokyo commercial and industrial research to this, said that with the Japanese government continued to cut FIT, the solar energy industry will come to a turning point. The company can not strengthen their own bodies, and can not effectively integrate business and improve operational efficiency of the company, is likely to be gradually eliminated; the future may be more small and medium-sized solar backup generator companies because of support but this wave of intense change and disappear.

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