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Japanese Companies Invest In Electric Vehicle

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-12-25 20:05:24
According to foreign media reports, by the impact of falling base metal prices in recent years, the Japanese mining and smelting company plans to electric vehicles, smart phones and other electronic equipment investment in the field of hundreds of millions of dollars.

Japan's many metal companies will increase investment in electric vehicles. These companies include Sumitomo Metal Mining, JX Japan Mining and Metals Corporation (JX Holding).
Japanese Companies Invest In Electric Vehicle
In the smelting industry and metal mining downturn, these companies want to be able to find a stable source of profit. They hope to take the opportunity to take the opportunity to enter the field of electric vehicles by the major car manufacturers, but also hope that the future of some Internet-related equipment can use their products.

Yoshiaki Nakazato, Chairman of Sumitomo Corporation, said, "We want to build a third-largest source of revenue for companies other than mining and smelting."

Special materials made of forged metal include metal powders, metal flakes and metal plates, which are used to create a very thin film for use in batteries for electric cars, smartphones, air conditioners and rice cookers.
Although the production of these materials need to consume a lot of manpower and material resources, but also bring them high profits.

Sumitomo Corporation is Japan's largest nickel smelter, it will invest 18 billion yen (1.53 billion US dollars) to increase the cathode material production, and these cathode material is Panasonic for Tesla supply electric car lifepo4 battery pack.

As the market for electric vehicles continues to heat up, some research companies, such as Fuji Keizai, forecast a ninefold increase in demand for cathode materials for LFP battery from 2014 to 2020. While some in Tesla, mobile phone charger and other equipment in the cylindrical lithium battery materials used in 2020 demand will double.
Nakazato said: "At present the whole industry is moving in a positive trend, such as Toyota and other car companies have already announced before 2020 will penetrate the electric car market.
Electric vehicles
At the same time the United States, China and Europe and other countries in the government are actively encouraging the promotion of the major car companies to introduce pure electric vehicles.

In addition, JX company also hope to be able to occupy a place in the smart car market. JX plans to mass produce high-purity tin in fiscal year 2017/18, which can be used to connect electronic modules inside a device such as a smart car. In addition, it will increase the output of semiconductors and copper foil.
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