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Japan Pioneered Development Of Artificial Light Synthesis Technology

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-08 15:11:59
The sun shines a minute of the earth's energy enough to allow the world's human use for one year. Continuously improve the conversion rate of photovoltaic is important for solar power generator .We all know that plant photosynthesis can be water and carbon dioxide into organic matter and oxygen, 70% of the Earth's surface covered with water, a large number of human carbon dioxide is to make the global warming intensified, if we can solar, water and carbon dioxide that three Species of infinite resources to be used effectively, then the human needs of methanol, ethylene and other energy and chemical raw materials will also become inexhaustible.

This technology has been made in Japan, a great breakthrough for storage solar energy, which is artificial light synthesis technology. It is understood that Japan's Matsushita company in December last year, the first successful use of outdoor sunlight experiment, and produce organic compounds formic acid; May this year, the Toyota Motor Group's Central Research Institute also use different methods and conditions for successful outdoor Completed the artificial photosynthesis experiment, also obtained formic acid. Research and development institutions, said: by improving the synthesis of photosynthetic catalyst, solar panels have also successfully generated the price of ethanol, methanol, ethylene, methane and other organic matter on solar power generator, but the organic matter produced by the experiment is relatively small, solar energy conversion efficiency of only 0.2%  and plant the same, so the solar light synthesis technology needs to be further improved, and strive to 2016 to 1%.
For the technology, the 2010 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry Nobuyuki Keisuke also expressed great support, he believes that: for the lack of resources in Japan, it should vigorously support the development of artificial light synthesis technology, Professor Keisuke Kenji has now convinced the Ministry of Culture Science and technology of the relevant cadres, has been set up artificial light synthesis technology for the national strategic projects. It is understood that in November last year, the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Japan Ministry of Education jointly decided to invest in the next 10 years, 15 billion yen (about 900 million yuan) for research and development of artificial light synthesis technology, and strive in 2021 the sun Light energy conversion efficiency increased to 20%-25%.If you reach 25% will be a revolutionary breakthrough for solar power generator.

According to the current progress, synthetic light technology is also faced with low-cost, large-scale equipment development, and many other issues, the future will be through research and development for solar power batteries. In the future through the development of artificial synthesis of light technology is the concept of the Osaka City University professor, New catalyst, and strive to practical in 2030. Professor also pointed out that it is not difficult to imagine, Europe and the United States, China and South Korea and other countries in the future will be manually sorted PV artificial video components in the field of artificial light to catch up with Japan, but as long as Japan to achieve practical, then to ensure absolute superiority, which will also drive the Japanese energy revolution and economic growth.
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