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Japan Successfully Developed A Simple Method Capable Of Synthesizing Solar Cell Materials

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-10 10:36:51

solarJapan Institute of Engineering, Kyoto University Professor Abe Long, assistant Orthodox faith, who formed the team in September 7, 2016 announced that they successfully developed a simple method capable of synthesizing solar cell materials. The most important feature of this material is that the absorption wavelength region can be very wide, concrete results have been published in the British science magazine famous "Scientific Reports".

Molecular metal chalcogenide by a metal such as bismuth, sulfur, selenium and the halogens can absorb visible light in the infrared, the metal halide does not contain harmful sulfur and rare elements, many experts believe that it will become a new era of portable solar power generator cell material. However, because of the use of previous methods of synthesis are halogen evaporates, so the relevant research has been stalled.

Researchers is called a "metal Oxyride" easy synthetic materials into hydrogen sulfide or hydrogen selenide gas dilution, the experiment confirmed only with 150-degree heat for 30 minutes or so to produce a metal chalcogenide. And the results confirmed that this composite material can efficiently convert light into electricity.
By adjusting the ratio of halogen can change the wavelength region of material can absorb, so this material can also be used to control the production of the emission wavelength of light emitting diodes. Professor Abe Long said: "I wanted to make solar cells using this material, you also need to further reduce the resistance value of the material, to make it easier for electricity to be extracted in the future will be improved."
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