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JAC iEV6S New Energy Vehicle

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-03 16:19:06
JAC iEV6S new new energy vehicles, and for the domestic first electric SUV. Guangzhou Auto Show debut in 2015, since the market this year, quickly in the new energy market occupies a place. This inseparable JAC solid foundation in the field of new energy, and it once again a number of innovations.

Four new industrialization challenges Achievements:

First, the safety performance, the current lithium-ion batteries, flammable liquid organic electrolyte, separator susceptible to foreign body piercing or short circuits caused by thermal contraction, the battery cell level security issues difficult to solve. JAC development and application based on the current industry level and choose and stick with small single high specific energy capacity 18650 cell, structural design can absolutely guarantee the safety of persons.
Second, the battery's life cycle, the unique identification of diagnostic strategies abnormal battery self-discharge, implement safety precautions and automatic annual health assessment by a remote service system, eliminate security risks of the battery cells to avoid damage to property caused by the battery thermal runaway . For 6-year life of the vehicle and gantry Exploration and Development, and Statistical Research "big data" accumulated demonstration, summed up the life of electric car development methodology. The market for the private sector, the use of high specific energy batteries three yuan 18650 iEV6S, predict the service life of 10 years or 150,000 km.
Third, the low temperature performance
① battery temperature -10 ℃, electricity consumption 30% SOC of harsh working conditions, vehicle dynamics with the same room temperature; ② the development of the charging process heat technology, ambient temperature -20 ℃ areas, vehicle driving range of more than 200km maintained.
Fourth, the cost, through the core technology research and breakthroughs, to achieve significantly improved vehicle performance, a limited increase in costs, cost advantages and further highlights.

All-solid lifepo4 batteries, without diaphragm, the electrolyte is solid. When the energy density issued 300Wh / kg, the number of cycles up to 1000 times, the market is expected in 2017; by 2020, the energy density up to 400Wh / kg.
Battery high security, wide practical temperature field, high capacity and other dazzling characteristics, has won the praise of users.
The next fifteen years, JAC will continue to work with strategic partners to carry out the development and application of a new generation of battery technology, promoting pure electric vehicles from a short distance towards the use of means of transport.
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