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Italy Company Launched Solar Bricks

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-03 14:56:25

The development of new energy is the current trend of environmental protection society, like many large buildings will be set up to absorb solar power panels, but after all, solar power batteries simply can not be cumbersome, but also accounted for local. In order to solve these problems, Italy, a company thought of a move, with a look at it.


Italy brain open this company, plans to launch solar bricks, with the bricks out of the building to have a solar panel function, the entire building is the solar receiver board, is not cool. Small partners do not give up anxious first knee, the following are even more staggering.


The solar bricks, built-in solar panels, through the body of all recyclable non-toxic and harmless materials, including wood, stone, concrete, tiles and so on. Can be used to decorate the roof, courtyards, walls, etc., of course, if the local tyrants are willing to use all this brick to build a house that is also no problem, not afraid of your line on the chant.


Although the solar bricks are not transparent, but the sun can still be through its surface, embedded in the bricks below the solar panel charging in solar power generator. However, solar photovoltaic bricks of the current conversion rate of only 25%, the current can only be used as an auxiliary power supply. Italy, the company is online financing of solar bricks, is expected to produce in March next year.

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