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Israel Ashalim spotlight solar thermal power station

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-14 16:12:10

In March 21, 2016, the leading U.S. concentrating solar power generator technology (CSP) Company BrightSource Energy announced its located in the Negev desert in Israel on the 121 megawatt solar power plant Ashalim, the field of solar energy technology advanced.

The company pointed out, including the improvement of heliostat, solar field communication network and control system of BrightSource fourth generation solar technology. These techniques are designed to optimize the power production, reduce the construction time and reduce the cost of the project.

 solar power generator

The Ashalim project from the world's largest CSP tower project in California 392 MW solar backup generator Ivanpah experience. "Ashalim shows the CSP industry's most advanced solar technology," said Energy David, chairman and chief executive officer of Ramm BrightSource.


A new heliostat design to improve performance and reduce cost


A new heliostat with lower cost, installation faster, less components, easy to install. The latest design of heliostat BrightSource about 4 x 5.2 meters, each heliostat comprises four plane, low iron glass mirrors can provide light reflecting the maximum for the project.


New streamlined design to achieve maximum total reflection area. Precision steel parts, including torsion tube, support arm and connector, can ensure the rigidity and reliability under the condition of desert, the service life is more than 25 years.


Dual axis tracker driven by the sun


Each piece of heliostat is independently controlled, with integrated dual axis tracking system, can be 360 degrees positioning. Other components include the control module, azimuth drive system, and elevation drive system, which will reduce the solar power wiring and cable, and the long-term reliability will also be improved.

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The industry's first implementation of wireless communications and control of solar power plants


Ashalim solar generator covers an area of 3.15 square kilometers, 50600 pieces of heliostat site will be wireless communication with the wireless SFINCS system can reduce wiring problems, reduce the cost of solar power station 85%, to promote the construction schedule.


The latest proprietary optimization algorithm to enhance energy output


Optimization and control of proprietary software -- the latest version of SFINCS by BrightSource, will maximize the project performance and power production efficiency, increase the heliostat density, increase energy output.

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