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Is Tesla Solar Roof Tile Practical?

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-21 16:59:32
Tesla launched solar roof tiles, although beautiful on the amazing, but the industry is also the rise of a wave immediately criticized the noise that there is no real benefit, and even questioned only hype news, in the end Tesla solar roof tiles is not practical? Solar installation company Spice Solar CEO Barry Xin Na Meng (Barry Cinnamon) on their own terms, the trial found that, in fact, Tesla solar roof tiles may not be so bad.
tesla solar battery roof_
In the late 1970s, Barry Sinnar entered the solar energy industry. In 2001, Akeena Solar, the residential solar installation company, became the largest solar energy storage system installation company in the United States. However, in the increasingly fierce competition in the industry, That solar energy into Westinghouse (Westinghouse), to become Westinghouse Solar (Westinghouse Solar), in 2012 and into the Australian CBD energy (CBDenergy, 2015 renamed Blue NRGY), Barry Sinemeng after adding spicy solar energy, its expertise lies in the development of straight AC conversion and simplified installation base, etc. to enhance the efficiency of installation, reduce the cost of the technology, it can be said that the cost of solar roof structure is quite understanding.

When Tesla solar roof tile discussion in the ascendant, Barry Xin that Meng can not help but "technical itch", to come to help Tesla calculate solar roof tile plan is not worth. In the past experience, solar building materials in the past has been quite smooth development, chemical giant Dow Chemical (Dow Chemical) also had to be announced in July 2016 shutdown of solar roofing materials.

In addition to Dow Chemical, there are Atlantis, Suntegra, CertainTeed, and so on. In addition, the company has a large number of solar energy construction materials used in the life of solar energy building materials brand, AstroPower, UniSolar, BP Solar, Power Light and other brands, but out of the market one by one, and now the market is still the only remaining Atlantis, Suntegra, will hit three.
tesla solar roof
This has its basic elements, building materials built-in solar cells can reduce installation costs, do not take up space, if used for roofs, roofs can be more beautiful, at first glance seems to have its economic potential, but the problem lies in the physical, building materials Built-in solar cell power generation efficiency is always poor, because the higher the temperature of solar cells, solar power generator efficiency is lower, integrated into the building materials, thermal space is insufficient, power generation efficiency is not as good as people, but integrated into the cost of building materials and higher, which is many industries The sector is not optimistic about the Tesla solar roof tiles of the grounds.

Barry that Bangladesh that everything is still the actual estimate to know what is uneconomical. Each Tesla solar tile has a built-in 6-inch solar cell. He assumes a high conversion rate. Considering poor heat dissipation from the roof, it is estimated that a maximum of 6 watts of electricity can be delivered per house, About 1,000 tiles, that is, to issue 6 kilowatts of electricity.

There is still a market space

However, if a single tile is used as a unit, a roof tile with two positive and negative poles will indicate that the entire roof will have up to 2,000 contacts. This is not only unreasonable in the installation work, Contact points may be wrong, it will cause the use and maintenance of the difficulties, therefore, Barry Xin Na Meng believes that Tesla more reasonable approach is based on 24 as a unit module, the whole 24 tile modules Watt, a pair of contacts, junction boxes, and built-in circuit optimization device to facilitate rapid circuit break, the entire roof will have 45 module units.

In addition, the roof will not install solar roof tiles within 3 inches of the roof and the edge of the roof, with the addition of the northern roof, side roofs and shaded roofs. These sections of the Baringsen Mang think Tesla will be launched without a roof Build solar cells, and thus lower cost, but the appearance of false solar roof tile in order to reduce the overall installation costs.

On the other hand, what kind of housing is also homeowners have a key impact on the cost, if the old house demolition of the old roof renovation for Tesla solar roof tiles, also need to remove the old roof costs, if the new house built directly on Tesla Solar tiles, the cost will be lower, especially when the entire community with the design and construction, will further reduce the procurement and installation costs; However, if not such a large number of community housing construction, but special planning unique design Residential, due to often longer duration, the owner may also have many comments in the process of design changes, so the total cost will not be less than the old house renovation where to go.
tesla solar storage battery system

According to the estimates of the performance and price of Tesla by Barry Sinnar, and the retail price of $ 0.25 per kilowatt-hour, consider the current US 30% ITC subsidy for solar energy storage batteries. New roofs, and special design of new homes, the installation of Tesla solar roof tiles can be 11 years back; if the standardization of community housing new house, then 8.2 years back to this. In contrast, the installation of general residential solar energy system is 6.5 years back to this.

In other words, Tesla solar roof tiles on the economy is indeed not as cost-effective solar system in general, but consider the aesthetic factors, a few years back to this, are still acceptable range, especially the special planning luxury house Lord, do not care about this performance gap, 11 years can be back, is not bad. If the estimates are not inaccurate too much, Tesla solar roof tiles or have their market space, perhaps indeed have the opportunity, such as Tesla electric cars, from the luxury side to drive the development of the entire industry.

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