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Ireland First Battery Energy Storage System

Author: Source: Datetime: 2019-01-19 12:19:10
It is reported that the first battery energy storage system in Ireland's StoreNet project will be deployed by the end of this month. Solar + energy storage system for 20 home users in the village of Ballyferriter in Dingle Peninsula, County Kerry, Ireland.

Solo Energy launched a pilot project in the Orkney Islands in Scotland to offer users a "free battery" business model that deploys solar + energy storage systems for 20 home users.
Ireland First Battery Energy Storage System
The StoreNet project, managed by a consortium of international energy research centers (IERC), Solo Energy, Electric Ireland and ESB Networks, was first launched in December 2017. The goal is to deploy solar + energy storage systems for home users, the combination of which is built into a virtual power plant designed to benefit residents and the grid.

This is the first pilot project in Ireland that provides energy storage systems that can support the grid, such as supporting local grid voltages, and helping ESB networks by reducing peak power consumption.

It is unclear what hardware is being used in the project, but Solo Energy's FlexiGrid software will interact with ESB Networks' SERVO platform to facilitate grid management services and help residents save energy costs.

In addition, Electric Ireland will install solar power generator solar power systems on the homes of some of the participating home users to provide additional cost savings.

Beth Massey, research director at the International Energy Research Center (IERC), said: "IERC is pleased to be at the forefront of this research. We are making a step-by-step approach to the progress of the project and how it relates to energy storage and community involvement. The changes are impressive. The StoreNet project makes it easier for consumers to participate in energy transformation. We expect the results of this project to have a broader impact."

In the past year, users' interest in virtual power plants (VPPs) has grown significantly. Companies like SolarEdge have brought virtual power plant (VPP) solutions to the retail space, and many trials around the world have begun to see their commercialization. Next steps. At the same time, Ben Hill Solo, former CEO of Tesla Europe, Africa and the Middle East, joined the Solo Energy team.
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