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Intelligent transportation is about to enter the

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-09 16:40:12

With the progress of science and technology, the development of automobile technology is excited, like new energy, automatic driving, intelligent vehicle platform and inter vehicle communication, are impressive, but in addition, another attendant trend is the intelligent highway. After all, even if the vehicle can go up in the future, there will still be a part of the road on the road. Intelligent highway can not only use the solar power generator for the car to charge, but also has a built-in intelligent transportation system.

While China is still making great efforts to build the highway, in the United States and France and other places, the asphalt as the raw material of the asphalt road or will become history, instead of the "solar road" (SolarRoadway).


France to lay 1000 km long "solar road"


Holland developed a solar powered bike path last year, and now France is the world's indicator of the path to solar energy.


The French government before the date will be announced in the next 5 years, to build a 1000 km long solar road, the generating capacity of about 5 million people required electricity supply, in particular, the sources of funding this solar road, by the French government to tax the tax contribution of fossil fuels.


The government of Holland in cooperation with private enterprises and academic circles, together in 2014 to create a plan named "SolaRoad" of the solar cycle lanes, a total length of 328 feet (about 100 meters, near) at that time, Holland will become the world's first solar panels used in road construction, and started operation in November 2014, generating electricity beyond the original expectations, like a solar generator.


Now the French government to keep up with the pace of Holland, but also beyond the progress of Holland.

SolarRoadway in French

The French government's policy name is "Energy Positive", the policy content to be in the next 5 years, to build a total length of 1000 km of solar road. According to the French environment and energy management agency (ADEME) pointed out that the 4 meter long road can supply a household solar (not including heating), and 1 km long solar road, can supply 5000 people with electricity, so down conversion, Positive Energy solar road, power generation can provide 5 million people electricity, which accounted for about 5 million of the total population of 8% in France at present.


Positive Energy will use the "Wattway" solar photovoltaic technology, Wattway for the French road engineering company Colas in October 2015 issued by Colas, and the French national solar energy research institute took 5 years to develop this technology can be directly bonded to the existing solar panels on the road. Its solar panel thickness is only 7 mm, width of 15 cm, the use of polycrystalline silicon solar panels, in the extreme vulnerability of the solar power batteriessurface covered with resin and polymer multilayer substrate.


In this way, not only can make the solar panel become strong, translucent translucent design also allows the sun to pass through the solar energy, into the solar cell.


Colas says the solar panels are strong enough to withstand the vertical pressure of all types of vehicles, including trucks, and heavy duty trucks designed to reduce traffic accidents. In addition, Wattway solar panels also passed the test of the snow removal machine, but Colas suggested that, if the solar panel operation in addition to the snow machine, must be more careful than in the general road.


However, this kind of solar road life, can be compared to the general way? According to Colas claimed that the life of Wattway solar panels and general road almost, but depends on the area of traffic, if the traffic is not high in the area, the road life can reach about 20 years.


French ecology, sustainable development and energy minister S Gol neRoyal said that the PositiveEnergy program will be financed from fossil fuel taxes to provide, is expected to contribute about 200 million to 300 million euros.

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