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Intelligent automation is a trend

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-23 17:19:41

In May last year, the State Council announced the Chinese version of the "industrial 4" strategic planning "made in China 2025". At the same time, the local government also introduced a series of supporting policies, began to implement the national strategy of manufacturing power. The core of the industrial 4 is intelligent manufacturing, although compared with European and American companies, most of the domestic enterprises still far away, but there is an industry we are not behind, it is the new energy automotive industry.


New energy electric vehicles on the safety requirements of the power battery is very demanding, so the power battery business must be upgraded, the same as the battery needs for solar power generator systems, otherwise the Matthew effect will become more and more obvious. Now, the traditional manufacturing process has been difficult to meet the requirements of the consistency of the battery, instead will be the modernization of the whole intelligent automation production line and production line.

battery production

In 2015, the first domestic cylindrical battery intelligent automatic production line". Some of cylindrical battery is lifepo4 batteries. This set of production line for the modular design, the whole process of the whole line automatic detection, can complete the confluence disc welding, plastic bags, into the shell, electrode welding, cover, cover top cover, pre welding seal welding process, such as the 7 27 automatic steps total loading and unloading and inspection only equipped with 3 / shift. It makes us surprised to see, domestic equipment automation and precision has become increasingly high, Chinese manufacturing rapidly catch up with the international advanced manufacturing industry.


Intelligent manufacturing achievements in the future


The next 3 years, electric vehicles will become the biggest growth engine for the development of domestic lithium industry. High flexibility, intelligence, automation and information integration in the production line will be a strong guarantee for future support "Chinese manufacturing" to the world, focus on the development of high accuracy, high stability, high efficiency of the equipment is still in the next few years. With the further opening of the domestic power battery market, the advantages of high flexible intelligent automation equipment will be further played.

In the 4 industry and Chinese manufacturing background 2025, on the one hand, lithium battery equipment enterprises rely on the development mode of the stand-alone equipment, it can be also used in solar backup generator, scattered orders have been difficult to meet the high quality requirements of the power battery market, on the other hand, battery production enterprises have to aim high precision, full automation, intelligent production line manufacturing mode, in order to the achievements of the "China manufacturing" in the future. In this new era of rapid development of science and technology, wise entrepreneurs are no longer the first to ask the road, but actively explore a "China made" innovation and development of the road.

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