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Integrate Battery Energy Storage In UK Power System

Author: Source: Datetime: 2017-01-01 20:04:12
Promising steps to integrate battery energy storage into the UK's power system will be found in the country's latest capacity market auction.
Integrate Battery Energy Storage In UK Power System
About 500 megawatts of new battery storage were obtained by auction. In general, the total auction 6% (3.2 GW) for energy storage.

Lower than expected, the liquidation price at the end of the auction was 22.50 pounds ($28.3 /26.8 euros) / kWh.

At the end of the auction, Greg and Clark, the UK's BEIS, said: "as part of our low-carbon future, technological innovation will create jobs and opportunities in the uk. We are rebuilding the old energy system, bringing new gas power and innovative low-carbon capabilities, such as battery storage, to upgrade our energy structure.

A spokesman for the British national grid transmission system operators and operation capacity of the auction mechanism to tell the world: "as a renewable energy system operators, we see storage play a more and more important role in optimizing the value for consumers. Storage can provide a more cost-effective system balancing services, and provide opportunities to optimize network investment.

They went on to say: "the use of stored in the auxiliary service in our advantage is that the alternative to provide more expensive technology, and reduce the investment of additional network demand, provides a lower cost for consumers.
Integrate Battery Energy Storage In UK Power System
Renewable Energy Industry Association of British institutions senior policy analyst and director Frank Gordon told the "energy storage of renewable energy world:" this is an encouraging result, see the UK market continued growth in energy storage is encouraging.

However, he observed that 3.2GW's energy storage, "most of which is existing, pumped storage capacity, which was also successful in previous auctions, so there is not much that can be read into most contract grant stores".

Gordon added that the change was the first new solar power batteries storage project to win the contract, which he called "encouragement"".

Carbon (Low), which uses lithium ion battery storage technology, won the contract.
Low Carbon marketing director Quentin Scott told the "renewable energy world": "low carbon companies are pleased to be able to get two energy storage contracts. Cleator and Glassenbury have a total capacity of 50 MW, and have been successful in the national grid's recent enhanced frequency response (EFR) tender, the only company that has received a total of two contracts.

Describes the changing energy landscape in the UK, Scott said, the UK's storage is a reality.

"Due to the storage of items in the national grid EFR bidding and capacity market auctions to win the contract, it is clear that we are an important turning point in the UK store," said Scott.

REA's Gordon a little more cautious, pointing out that this is not a breakthrough moment.

On the basis of this, Gordon explained that all new portable solar power generator battery storage projects granted capacity market contracts previously obtained by the United Kingdom in August at the end of the EFR auction contract.

"EFR and the ability to win contracts in the market" point to the fact that it is still impossible to finance a storage project solely on the basis of the capacity market, "he said.

According to Gordon, the low carbon market provides a wide range of sources of revenue for EFR and capacity market competition, thereby ensuring the financial viability of the project.

Stacking in this way is seen as an important deployment path for energy storage providers - which must be borne in mind as an effective rule for energy storage development.

In this regard, the national grid spokesman said: "the national grid system operators are actively exploring the changes in the business framework, which will allow the storage to provide greater assistance and balance of services in a fair competitive environment and other flexible tools.

With the development of electricity markets throughout Europe and around the world together, it will be particularly welcomed by developers, such as low-carbon.

Integrate Battery Energy Storage In UK Power System

"Although more work needs to be done to ensure the storage policy environment clear and stable, at the appropriate level of support, we expect large storage service in Britain will increase investment in the near future, and vigorous development. TAG: Ireland Hawaii Duke 100Ah 48V telecom Malta Battery-Box Passenger NTPC Containerized Off-Grid Code Building California