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Innovative Full Solar Storage Battery System

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-21 13:52:42
In addition to the common array of large-scale solar panels, technicians are still designed to continue to reduce the price of such products and improve its power generation efficiency, so the market appears a lot of looks bizarre products, we come together to inventory 6 innovation Power full solar storage battery system.
solar storage battery system
Sphelar's spherical solar cells: This product from the Japanese company Kyosemi, from the outside, it is more like a disco dance floor sparkling ball of light. The biggest advantage of this solar storage batteries are the ability to collect solar energy from all directions, eliminating the need for solar panels to orient, thus eliminating the complex mechanical structure that drives the solar panel steering.
lifepo4 solar storage battery system
V3Solar rotating solar cell: the second product is also more strange shape, and above the spherical battery, V3Solar this solar cell can be rotated, the company said it than the average fixed solar panel power generation efficiency of 20 times higher. Right now, this product has entered the test phase, in addition to continuously improve power generation efficiency, R & D personnel are still working to solve their durability problem.
solar energy storage battery system
SunflareCIGS flexible solar panels: In recent years, flexible materials in the technology sector shine, in addition to the screen, it also became a part of solar panels. Sunflare, a Los Angeles-based startup, has built a CIGS flexible solar panel that can be attached to the surface of any object, saving more space than traditional solar panels. At the same time, in the weight of flexible solar panels to light on 65%, while its power generation efficiency is high on the 10%.
lifepo4 storage battery system
IBM's solar "sunflower": IBM has always been a big miscellaneous science and technology sector, they are almost every field under study, solar panels is also one of their business, the company's HCPVT system is its latest masterpiece. The solar system, like sunflowers, can absorb up to 2,000 times more solar radiation than conventional solar panels and convert 80 percent of that energy into electricity, by focusing on the principle of focusing.
solar energy battery system
SolarCity's Solar Roofs: Roof-mounted solar panels are nothing new, but Tesla and SolarCity have to innovate in this way by combining the separate panels and building materials together. A real solar roof. At the same time, with the Tesla powerful ecosystem, solar roof will become the future of clean energy, super-generators, to provide users with home and vehicle electricity.
best solar storage battery system
SolarWindows solar power generation film: Maryland start-up company SolarWindows recently launched a transparent solar panels, they claim that this product can emit traditional solar panels 50 times the power. The company's goal is to generate electricity for every household window, but they do not produce windows, but rather through a special film covering the windows to generate electricity, Solar Energy Storage System so that people do not need to hinder the family lighting can be used clean energy. The most important thing is that within a year it will help you recover the cost. TAG: Ireland Hawaii Duke 100Ah 48V telecom Malta Battery-Box Passenger NTPC Containerized Off-Grid Code Building California